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29. Nov


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Ring Circle 2020

In 2020 the Deutsche Oper Berlin will present its new production of THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG. For this exacting task the opera house has secured the services of Stefan Herheim, one of the world’s most successful directors of opera.

As the Förderkreis der Deutschen Oper Berlin e. V., we intend to spend the next three years raising funds for this new production of the tetralogy. As many will know, taking care of the financing of his art, as well as the art itself, had a certain tradition with Wagner. In a dig at himself, he once remarked: “I waste a lot of money; but if truth be told, I have something to show at the end of it.” So true. Which is why we, too, want to ensure that we have something special to show when THE RHINEGOLD premieres in the summer of 2020 and is followed by three other premieres stretching into 2021.

Staging Wagner’s RING might well be considered one of the biggest challenges for a director of opera, as it requires that he avow himself to the world – philosophically and aesthetically. [Stefan Herheim]

We want to shadow the gestation process in the company of fans and admirers of Wagner and the RING. The members of Circle 2020, the society set up by the Förderkreis der Deutschen Oper Berlin for this purpose, see themselves as ambassadors for the new RING 2020 [ € 2,020 per annum for 3 years ].

Circle members gain exclusive, fly-on-the-wall experience of how a work of this scale takes shape. In a series of events organised exclusively for the Circle, members are given advance information on the casting process, learn about the set design and costumes, meet singers and converse with the artistic director, the general music director, the director staging the opera and the dramatic adviser. Members can naturally sit in on selected rehearsals and have priority seating at the premieres of the first Ring cycle.

By joining Circle 2020 or making a donation, you can help us rise to the challenge of raising funds for the RING 2020 production. Come on board as we embark on this journey. Help us to – as Richard Wagner put it – “create something new” and respond today to the maestro’s appeal of a previous century: “The world owes me what I need.”

Take this trip with us by becoming a member of Circle 2020,
André Schmitz

Circle 2020: Download-form here



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