Questions to Dietmar Schwarz

Many productions were on ice for a long time. How has time changed the works, but also the people behind them?

The pieces have been able to mature behind the scenes, the people have grown. The director Ersan Mondtag, for example, has meanwhile staged a RING adaptation for the Schauspiel, among other things, and of course his experiences will flow into the final rehearsals for ANTIKRIST. By the way: nothing is lost, all productions that we could not realise due to the pandemic will be shown in the coming years.
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What moves Sir Donald Runnicles

Maturing with Wagner

For Sir Donald Runnicles, the encounter with Wagner's music was life-defining. And to this day, this fascination has not diminished for him ... The study of scores, not only for the great works of Richard Wagner, begins for Sir Donald Runnicles regularly at the piano in his native Wyoming.
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Next Premières & Revivals
Season's schedule 21/22
Premiere on 27 August 2021


With Mark-Anthony Turnage's GREEK, the great ancient myth of King Oedipus arrives in the present. For the opening of the season we presented the grotesque, tragicomic musical theatre as an open-air spectacle on the parking deck, staged by Pınar Karabulut, one of the most exciting directors of the younger generation ... Conductor: Yi-Chen Lin; Director: Pınar Karabulut; With Dean Murphy, Seth Carico, Heidi Stober and Irene Roberts
Cast, info, trailer, photos
Premiere on 30 January 2022


Langgaard's monolithic work creates an eschatological mystery play that pays homage to the fin de siècle with music reminiscent of Strauss and Wagner, but which also does not deny Hindemith and Schönberg ... Conductor: Stephan Zilias; Director Ersan Mondtag; With Thomas Lehman, Jonas Grundner-Culemann, Valeriia Savinskaia, Irene Roberts, Clemens Bieber, Andrew Dickinson, Gina Perregrino, Flurina Stucki, AJ Glueckert, Jordan Shanahan a. o.
Cast, info, trailer, photos
Premiere on 20 March 2022

Les Vêpres Siciliennes

The rebellion of the Sicilians against their occupiers in 1282 was short-circuited with the colonialization of Algeria in Verdi's time. French director Olivier Py extends the historical focus to the 1950s ... Conductor: Enrique Mazzola; Director: Olivier Py; With Hulkar Sabirova, Gina Perregrino, Piero Pretti, Thomas Lehman, Roberto Tagliavini a.o.
Cast, Info, Tickets
Premiere on 8 April 2022

7 Deaths of Maria Callas

The performance artist Marina Abramović lets "la Divina" die seven famous stage deaths, the eighth is final and real - or not? Play and embodiment, Marina and Maria merge, merge into life as and for art ... Conductor: Yoel Gamzou; Director: Marina Abramović; With Marina Abramović, Irene Roberts, Chiara Isotton, Mané Galoyan, Adela Zaharia, Flurina Stucki, Antonia Ahyoung Kim, Valeriia Savinskaia as well as Willem Dafoe (in the film)
Cast, info, photos, tickets
Premiere on 1 May 2022

Der Schatzgräber

Twice already, Christof Loy has helped little-known operas of the early 20th century to make a successful comeback at the Deutsche Oper Berlin: After Korngold's THE MIRACLE OF HELIANE and Zandonai's FRANCESCA DA RIMINI, another long-forgotten opera treasure now follows: Franz Schreker's DER SCHATZGRÄBER (The Treasure Hunter) ... Conductor: Marc Albrecht, Director: Christof Loy; With Tuomas Pursio, Michael Laurenz, Michael Laurenz, Seth Carico, Seth Carico, Seth Carico a. o.
Cast, info and tickets
Premiere on 12 June 2022

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

Almost 30 years ago, the Deutsche Oper Berlin last saw a premiere of Richard Wagner's DIE MEISTERSINGER. Now the monumental opera returns to the Wagner House on Bismarckstraße in a new production by Jossi Wieler, Anna Viebrock and Sergio Morabito. Conductor: John Fiore; Director: Jossi Wieler and Sergio Morabito; With Johan Reuter, Albert Pesendorfer, Philipp Jekal, Klaus Florian Vogt, Heidi Stober a. o.
Cast, info and tickets
Der Schatzgräber: Ein Teaser
Premiere on 1 May 2022

Der Schatzgräber: Ein Teaser

The rediscovery of an opera sensation from 1920: DER SCHATZGRÄBER (The Treasure Hunter) is a surreal opera fairy tale between truth and play, manipulation and murder. Franz Schreker's lavish music draws under its spell like a maelstrom ... Director: Christof Loy; Conductor: Marc Albrecht; With Tuomas Pursio, Doke Pauwels, Michael Laurenz, Thomas Johannes Mayer, Seth Carico, Daniel Johansson, Elisabet Strid et al.

Der Ring des Nibelungen

The creation of the new RING DES NIBELUNGEN took far more than a year. In the 2021/22 season, there was the first opportunity to experience Stefan Herheim's view of Wagner's tetralogy in its entirety. Under the baton of Sir Donald Runnicles, the Deutsche Oper Berlin orchestra unleashed its famous Wagnerian sound ... Coming soon on MarqueeTV and on DVD / blu ray.
Impressions of the RING

Wagner ... and no end

Before the season closes with the MEISTERSINGERN, from February to May you can also see LOHENGRIN, PARSIFAL and TANNHÄUSER with such great performers as Stephen Gould, Klaus Florian Vogt, Stephen Milling, Camilla Nylund, Elisabeth Teige, Johan Reuter, Anna Smirnova and Thomas Blondelle.

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2nd Jazz Festival: 12 to 19 June 2022

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz

The BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin presents six jazz concerts of a special kind in the Tischlerei: with reading, dance, film or drama: With music by Manfred Honetschläger, it swings "into the finale" at the beginning and shows young people that football and big band are not so different, Henni Nachtsheim, Christian Meyers and Martin Johnson invite you to a version of Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" under the motto "De Peter kimmt", songs by Stevie Wonder resound, Bossa Nova, Tango and Samba invite you to "Viva Latina" and Murnau's silent film "The Last Man" awaits you with new film music ...
The Jazz Festival
Clemens Bieber ... Farewell? Please don't!

Clemens Bieber ... Farewell? Please don't!

With the role of Tamino, Clemens Bieber says goodbye towards his so-called retirement on 8 June. But even after reaching the official age limit, Clemens Bieber will fortunately remain connected to the Deutsche Oper Berlin, for example just four days after THE MAGIC FLUTE as Ulrich Eißlinger in the premiere of DIE MEISTERSINGER VON NÜRNBERG. Read an appreciation by Curt A. Roesler in the blog.
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Francesca da Rimin
From 11 February 2022 on DVD and blu ray

Francesca da Rimin

In March 2021, Christof Loy's production of Riccardo Zandonai's FRANCESCA DA RIMINI with Sara Jakubiak in the title role had its premiere, which could only be followed as a streaming due to the pandemic. Before the production is staged in the 22/23 season, the DVD jointly produced by Naxos and Deutsche Oper is now being released. Götz Filenius was responsible for the picture direction. Carlo Rizzi was the musical director, and Jonathan Tetelman, Ivan Inverardi and Charles Workman performed alongside Sara Jakubiak.
In stores now
Premiere on 21 May 2022

Songs of Exile and No Return

Based on a border post situation, the text by the Ukrainian writer Serhij Zhadan deals with the dramatic effects of war, expulsion and flight on the human individual. Bernhard Gander is a border crosser of new music and with his connection to heavy metal creates a music theatre of the greatest expressiveness and plasticity ... Conductor: Elda Laro; Director: Alize Zandwijk; With Antonia Ahyoung Kim, Carl Rumstadt, Andrew Robert Munn, Carlo Schmitz, Dongfang Xie, Stelina Apostolopoulou, Natalia Labourdette, Amelie Baier, Yixuan Zhu, Devi Suriani, Nadine Geyersbach and musicians of the Ensemble Modern.
Cast, info and tickets
World premiere on 24 September 2021

The Passers-by

I observe that someone needs help, at the bus stop, at night in the lonely alley or on the "wrong" side of the border fence. But when do I intervene? THE PASSERS-BY touches upon the question of where moral courage begins - beyond the fluffy cloak of my comfort. Composer Andrej Koroliov and director Theresa von Halle create a musically dense chamber play based on a text by Gerhild Steinbuch after Franz Kafka's prose play of the same name ... Conductor: Vicente Larrañaga; Director: Theresa von Halle; With Valeriia Savinskaia, Arianna Manganello, Philipp Jekal, Samueol Park, Johanna Link, Sylvana Seddig, Piotr Prysiaznik, Johannes Mirow, Ruth Velten, Bernd Mazelka, Seth Josel, So-Hee Kim
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World premieres on 6 November 2021

New Scenes V – Burnings at the Stake

Three world premieres, by Sara Glojnarić, by Lorenzo Troiani and by Sergey Kim, are dedicated to women who experience their "funeral pyre" in one way or another: As lesbian lovers, in a radical no to male body images or through Satanism and patricide ... Directed by Nora Krahl, Andrea Tortosa Baquero and Ana Cuéllar Velasco; Conductor: Manuel Nawri; With singers and musicians from the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin.
Cast, info, photos
World premiere on 23 January 2022

Once to be realised

he cosmos of the Greek composer Jani Christou is labyrinthine in the richness of his suggestive images and designs. Political and social issues are as much compositional material for him as he designs music for natural landscapes and cultural spaces. His prophetic designs are now being realised by six highly renowned composers. Conductor: Cordula Bürgi; Director: Michail Marmarinos; With Pia Davila, Matthew Cossack, Cantando Admont and Ensemble dissonArt a. o.
Cast, trailer, photos etc.

The Tischlerei ....

is a laboratory for musical theatre of our times, a blank slate for experimenting with new sounds and current issues, contemporary forms and changing perspectives. This season’s productions look at female realities, question the transcendental power of theatre and illustrate the insurmountable frontlines and human cost of war.
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