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Deutsche Oper Card

Deutsche Oper Card holders are entitled to a 25% discount on up to two standard tickets as soon as tickets go on sale. The Card does not cover performances produced by third parties, special events and single-price performances. The Deutsche Oper Card costs €75 and is valid for the entire 2020/21 season. Order your Deutsche Oper Card hassle-free online, by phone or in person at our box office.

For your Deutsche Oper Card click here

Grand Opening of the Season 2015/2016 © 2015

Welcome to the Internet Ticket Shop of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Tickets may be booked by following these steps:

1) Indicate search criteria when searching for an event.

2) Select a specific event.

3) Select seats in the digital seating chart.

4) LogIn (please consider the information in the LogIn area).

5) Pay by credit card.

6) Choice of dispatch option (collection at the box office, dispatch of tickets to your postal address, electronic dispatch as Ticketdirect or Ticketdirect Mobile)



In order to print out the tickets, you will need the latest version of the Acrobat Reader so that the barcode can be clearly recognised on the ticket. You can download the current version of the Acrobat Reader free of charge here .


With the shopping cart function, you can place as many orders as desired, one after the other, and then collect them in your shopping cart. Only at the end do you pay in one step.


Please do not use the “Zurück” (back) button whilst booking, or else your booking procedure will be interrupted!


For payment we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, JCB as well as PayPal and Sofortüberweisung. You have the choice between different shipping options. Your ticket as Ticketdirect Mobile (mail dispatch as QR code), as Ticketdirect (mail dispatch as pdf) or classically printed out and then sent by post. Provided your details are clear and complete, you can print out your tickets or have them sent to you (tickets can be sent within Germany up to 10 days, abroad up to 20 days before the event). If it is not possible to send your tickets, they will be left at the box office until the start of the performance.


You will receive a confirmation of your booking procedure by e-mail at the e-mail address that you have indicated.


We wish to point out that the view of the stage can be restricted, depending on the staging. We also request that you regard the surtitles as a service which cannot be of equal benefit to all spectators, since it is dependant on the location of the seat.


General Terms and Conditions of the artistic undertakings of Stiftung Oper in Berlin


Ordering Tickets


You may purchase tickets however you wish – by telephone, by writing to us or directly from the

Deutsche Oper Berlin / Karten-Service
Richard-Wagner-Straße 10
10585 Berlin

Tel: +49 (30) 343 84 343

E-Mail: info@deutscheoperberlin.de


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers of any amount can be purchased in the webshop, at the checkout or by calling the card service on 030-343 84 343. They can be redeemed at the above locations by quoting the voucher number or on presentation. Vouchers are only valid for Deutsche Oper Berlin's own events. The voucher value can be credited against the ticket price. Any remaining credit will be paid out in the form of a further voucher. Enjoy your gift!

Box Office

In writing
Kartenservice der Deutschen Oper Berlin,
Postfach 10 02 80, 10562 Berlin

Telephone / Ticket-Service
Monday to Saturday: 9 am until 8 pm
Sunday and on public holidays noon until 8pm
+49 (0) 30-343 84 343

Telephone / Subscription-Service
Monday to Friday: 10 am until 4 pm
+49 (0) 30-343 84 230


Box Office
Bismarckstraße 35
Monday to Friday noon until 7 pm, closed on Saturday, Sundays and Bank holidays

The box office is closed until further notice.


Evening box office
Resuming one hour before start of performance



Hall Chart and Prices

Hall chart Deutsche Oper Berlin


„Pilotprojekt Testing“ – 4 April 2021

No reductions will be granted for the special performance as part of the Senate Initiative.

Tickets at the special price of € 25,00

Advance booking starts: 18 March 2021


Ticket prices

Price Group 1 – yellow / Price Group 2 – pink
Price Group 3 – blue / Price Group 4 – green

Price Group 5 - red

F     € 210,– / 160,– / 110,– / 60,– / 50,–

E     € 180,– / 134,– / 94,– / 58,– / 32,–

D     € 136,– / 100,– / 72,– / 44,– / 26,–

C     € 100,– / 82,– / 58,– / 34,– / 24,–

B    € 86,– / 66,– / 44,– / 26,– / 20,–

A    € 70,– / 56,– / 36,– / 21,–/ 16,–

S 1 € 650,– / 450,– / 350,– / 260,– [AIDS-Gala]

S 2 € 42,– / 33,– / 26,– / 19,– / 15,–


Other performances

€ 20,– / concs.: € 10,–

Children's and Youth Concerts: € 16,– / concs.: € 8,–


Performances in the Foyers

Opera Lounge € 12,–

Opera lectures, tours, family tours: € 5,–

Song recitals: € 16,– / concs.: € 8,–

The performances of the Advent calendar are free of charge.


Performances in the Tischlerei [studio]

Waldesruh, The Project
€ 20,– / *concs.: € 10,–

Tischlerei concerts: € 16,– / concs.: € 8,–

Jazz & Lyrics: € 20,– / concs.: € 15,–


Children’s performances [Tischlerei]

Adults: € 16,–

Children and teenagers under 18 years of age: € 8,– [incl. advance sales]

Kiddies’ concerts / Bagy concerts € 5,–

Frühlingssingen € 5,–

Project presentations € 5,–



Please allow us to point out that spectators’ view of the stage can possibly be obstructed depending on the production. In addition, please regard the supertitles as a service from which not all seats can profit to the same extent.

The cloakroom fee [except for furs] is included in the ticket prices.

In principle, there is no entitlement to the exchange of admission tickets. In justified individual cases, Deutsche Oper Berlin reserves the right to make goodwill decisions and charges a processing fee of € 5,- for an exchange (exchange at an alternative date, voucher or customer credit).



In general advance ticket sales

50 % reduction for children and pupils up to 21 years of age, volunteers in military and federal voluntary service and volunteers in social services [except for F- and E-prices].

25 % reduction for students, trainees and unemployed [except for F- and E-prices].

For performances in the Tischlrei and in the foyer there is a 50 % reduction for children and pupils up to 21 years of age or the indicated reduced prices.

Please show proof of your entitlement to a reduction at the time of admission without being asked. Subject to available tickets in direct sales and online. Excluding third-party events, events with special prices and performances by the Staatsballett Berlin.


Box office [from one hour before the start of the performance]

€ 15,- Children and pupils [up to 21 years], students and trainees, volunteers for military service and federal voluntary service, 0Servants and volunteers for social work, unemployed people [except for F- and E-prices]

€ 8,- pupils during the holidays: Pupils [under 18 years] [except for F- and E-prices]

€ 3,- berlin pass holder [except for F- and E-prices]


Holders of B-grade Severely Disabled ID cards

Holders of B-grade Severely Disabled ID cards are entitled to a free ticket (in any price category) for a companion.


School classes

School classes can visit performances of the Deutsche Oper Berlin at the special price of € 8,-: please contact +49 [30] 343 84 343 or info@deutscheoperberlin.de


ClassicCard – For Under-30s

Please visit www.classiccard.de.


Deutsche Oper Card

Deutsche Oper Card holders are entitled to a 25% discount on up to two standard tickets as soon as tickets go on sale. The Card does not cover performances produced by third parties, special events and single-price performances. The Deutsche Oper Card costs €75 and is valid for the entire 2020/21 season. Order your Deutsche Oper Card hassle-free online, by phone or in person at our box office. Advance sales for the Deutsche Oper Card will start on 17 August 2020.

General Terms and Conditions of the Artistic Establishments of the Berlin Opera Foundation


1. Scope of validity

The Terms and Conditions apply to legal relations between patrons, on the one hand, and the Berlin Opera Foundation, on the other, concerning the latter’s artistic establishments (Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Komische Oper Berlin and Staatsballett Berlin). Where the following refers explicitly only to the Berlin Opera Foundation, this also refers implicitly to its artistic establishments.

The Terms and Conditions form part of the contract which comes into existence when tickets are purchased.

The Terms and Conditions also apply to subscribers and patron organisations and their members, if not waived by a separate agreement.


2. Schedules and start times

The valid schedules and start times can be found in the official publications of the Berlin Opera Foundation.

The Berlin Opera Foundation reserves the right to alter the schedules and casts.

The Berlin Opera Foundation accepts no responsibility for information on posters or other publications.


3. Entrance fee

The Berlin Opera Foundation will publish the valid entrance fees and make them known at the ticket offices. Discounts are available to groups of persons with special entitlements, upon presentation of an appropriate certificate at the ticket office. Discounted tickets are valid only with this certificate. If the certificate cannot be produced, the difference between the discount fee and the full entrance fee must be paid in full.


4. Provision of tickets

Tickets will be sold in advance for a season at the times listed in the publications of the Berlin Opera Foundation. The Berlin Opera Foundation reserves the right to limit the number of tickets per buyer in individual cases. Severely disabled people can be given preferential treatment.

Ticket orders in writing will be processed from the start of the advance sale period on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There is, however, no right to have orders processed on this basis. Telephone ticket orders will be accepted from the start of the advance sale period.

If payment for ordered tickets is not received within the stipulated time limit, these tickets will be made available for resale. Pre-paid tickets can be sent by post on request. Both the costs and the risks of sending them by post will be borne by the purchaser.

Purchased entry tickets may not be resold for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the Berlin Opera Foundation. If contravened, the Berlin Opera Foundation reserves the right to legal recourse. Furthermore, the Foundation is entitled to refuse to sell entry tickets in future to those contravening the aforementioned prohibition.

The Berlin Opera Foundation reserves the right to alter or amend existing ticket sale regulations. They will be published and made known at the ticket offices by the Berlin Opera Foundation.


5. Ticket refunds

Sold tickets will not be refunded, nor will compensation be paid for expired tickets, except in the cases listed below.

The Berlin Opera Foundation reserves the right to alter casts, and cast alterations do not entitle ticket holders to have their tickets refunded.

If the work performed is different from that indicated when the ticket was purchased, the ticket can be returned before the beginning of the performance and the ticket price will be refunded.

If a performance is cancelled without substitution, the ticket price will be refunded, as long as the tickets are presented or sent to Patron Services within 30 days of the scheduled date of the performance.

If a performance is ended prematurely, patrons are entitled to have their tickets refunded only if the performance is ended before the first interval, or, if the performance does not have an interval, if it is ended before half of its scheduled duration has elapsed. Even in these cases, claims for refunds are valid only if the tickets are presented or sent to Patron Services within 30 days of the date of the performance.

Apart from the right to have the entrance fee refunded, as provided in the above paragraphs, no other expenses or damages claimed by patrons will be paid.


6. Lost tickets

If a patron loses his or her ticket, he or she will be provided with a replacement ticket at the ticket office, as long as he or she gives a believable account of which ticket he or she has purchased. The holder of an original ticket takes precedence over the holder of a replacement ticket.


7. Entry

The audience cloakrooms and foyers are ordinarily opened one hour before the beginning of a performance.

No one is entitled to enter after the performance has begun. If a patron is denied entry on account of his or her lateness, he or she has no right to have his or her ticket refunded.


8. Cloakroom

Objects and clothing carried by the guest, in particular backpacks, suitcases or larger bags have to be deposited at the cloakroom during the performance. Animals will categorically not be supervised. The Berlin Opera Foundation reserves the right to charge a cloakroom fee.

Coats left for supervision are insured in accordance with published insurance terms and conditions. Patrons of Deutsche Oper Berlin can leave furs for supervision only in designated cloakrooms for an insurance fee.

Supervised property will be returned upon presentation of cloakroom tags without further proof of ownership. If no tag is presented, cloakroom items left for supervision will be returned only if the patron gives a believable account of his or her entitlement to the items.

If the patron receives the wrong items, his or her items are damaged, or he or she has lost the cloakroom tag, this must be reported immediately to the cloakroom personnel. If a tag is lost, the patron is liable for replacement costs.


9. Lost property

Lost property of any description found in the performance venues of the Berlin Opera Foundation must be handed in to the house or cloakroom personnel. Lost property will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of §§ 978ff. of the German Civil Code.


10. Householders’ rights

Householders’ rights are attributed to the Directors, who entrust their employees, in particular, their evening personnel, to exercise these rights. The instructions of the personnel at the performance venues must be followed.

Patrons can be refused entry to the performance venues if there is reason to believe that they will disrupt the performance or upset other patrons. Patrons can be sent out of performances in progress if they are disrupting these performances or upsetting other patrons, or if they do not have valid tickets for their seats. Entry can also be refused to patrons who have repeatedly breached these General Terms and Conditions. These patrons have no right to have their entrance fees refunded, or to compensation for any damages or expenses of any other description.

Persons preventing the sale of tickets or upsetting patrons can be sent out of the performance venues. It is not permitted to offer tickets for sale in the ticket office halls or anywhere else in the performance venues or their premises.

It is not permitted to take seats other than those indicated on the tickets. If a patron changes seats without entitlement, the Berlin Opera Foundation can charge the patron the difference between the paid ticket price and the ticket price for the seat occupied, send him or her back to the seat marked on the ticket, or send him or her out of the performance.

Mobile phones, watches and any other technical devices with acoustic signals must be switched off for the duration of the performance.


11. Image and sound recording

Patrons are forbidden to make image and/or sound recordings of any kind. Patrons can be sent out of the performance venues for violations of this rule.

If image and sound recordings during a performance are carried out by persons authorised by the Berlin Opera Foundation, the patrons agree, by their presence at the performance, that their images and words may be recorded, and that they have no right to remuneration if these are broadcast or published.


12. Liability

The Berlin Opera Foundation, its representatives and its employees accept no liability for damages of any kind suffered by patrons of its performance venues, except for those caused by malice or gross negligence. Liability for injury to life, limb and health remains unaffected, if the damages in question could ordinarily have been expected.


13. Data privacy

The personal order data can be collected, processed and used for the purpose of customer care by the Berlin Opera Foundation (Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Komische Oper Berlin und Staatsballett Berlin) if the visitor has given his consent during the purchase process. Customer care is defined as taking measures intended to supply the customer with significant information and thus further provide the customer with specific benefits. The customer was informed that he can at any time revoke this agreement without prejudice. Berlin Opera Foundation affirmed that data privacy is absolutely ensured and that the data will not be transmitted to third parties.


14. Term of validity

These General Terms and Conditions will come into force on 1st September 2017. At the same time, the General Terms and Conditions of the Berlin Opera Foundation valid up to that point will expire.


15. Concluding clause

Should any stipulation of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid, the legal validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions will remain unaffected. The Berlin Opera Foundation is neither prepared nor obliged to take part in dispute settlement procedures by any consumer dispute settlement authority.


This English translation of the General Terms & Conditions is a service of the Berlin Opera Foundation. Thus the current German version is solely legally binding.


Furthermore, in view of the effects of the current corona pandemic, the following hygiene concept applies at the Deutsche Oper Berlin for ticket sales and performance visits.

Our Hygiene regulation


Obligatory identification and personal data

The acquisition of your contact details (first and last name, full address or email address and telephone number) when you purchase a ticket serves to enable health authorities to trace and break chains of infection more quickly in the event of any infections. If you buy tickets for other people, you are obliged to provide their personal data as well.

Please note that tickets are non-transferable in the current pandemic situation. If you have any questions, please contact the box office or use the telephonic ticket-hotline on +49 30 343 84 343.

During the evening of the event, all visitors are obliged to carry their identity cards with them and present the same upon request at the entry gate when buying tickets at the box office.


Ticket purchase

The tickets can be purchased in advance and online. Payments at the box office should mainly be cashless.


Box office

For performances in the large hall, the evening box office opens one hour before each performance in the box office hall of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. At the box office, you will only receive tickets for the performance on that evening; you cannot make any advance bookings for other performances at this time. To make other bookings, you can use the box office times from Monday through Saturday from 12:00 hrs onwards.


Access restrictions

Please understand that in view of the current pandemic situation, it is not possible to attend performances of the Deutsche Oper Berlin in the following cases:

Access to the events is not possible for persons who are infected with COVID-19 or show symptoms that are typical for a COVID-19 disease. Based on the information provided by the Robert Koch Institute, typical symptoms of COVID-19 disease are fever, cough and sore throat as well as a loss of sense of smell and taste.

Persons who have had contact with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 disease within the previous 14 days are also not allowed to attend Deutsche Oper Berlin events. This exclusion does not apply to persons who have professional contact with COVID-19 patients, provided that the applicable safety measures could be observed.

Furthermore, visitors suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection are not allowed to participate in the events.

If it is not possible to attend your desired performance for one of the above reasons, tickets that are already purchased can be cancelled at the box office or by calling the ticket-hotline at least two hours before the performance.


Minimum distances between seats

In order to allow a larger number of visitors to visit the Deutsche Oper Berlin than previously, the seating plan for performances from 27 September, 2020 onwards has been changed in agreement with the Senate Department for Culture so that there is a minimum distance of 1 meter between the individual seats. We will ensure that the necessary minimum distances are maintained by blocking the corresponding seats.


Mouth and nose cover

Within our opera house it is mandatory to wear medical or FFP2 mouth/nose covering. As of 27 September, the obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover also applies to your seat, so that even if the minimum distance between seats is slightly reduced, the necessary protection against infection is maintained.

If it is not possible to wear a mouth-nose-cover due to a health impairment, chronic illness or disability, a medical certificate must be carried along and presented to the admission staff without being asked. Deaf people and their accompanying persons who communicate with them are also exempt from the obligation to wear a mask.

Visitors who wish to attend performances without mouth-nose cover within the framework of the above-mentioned regulations are requested to book their tickets exclusively via our telephone ticket service and will be placed separately.

In the event that, for the reasons stated above, you are unable to wear a mouth-nose mask when visiting the Opera House, we draw your attention to the general, in this case increased risk of infection. We therefore advise against visiting the Opera House without a mouth-nose covering.


Compliance with the general rules of hygiene

With consideration for other visitors and our staff, please keep the sneezing and coughing label; please keep sufficient distance from other people (at least 1,5 meters with the exception of the safety distance of 1 meter between seats in the appropriately furnished performances). Our sanitary facilities and disinfectant dispensers are available for comprehensive hand hygiene.

We recommend using the Corona-Warn-App provided by the Robert-Koch-Institute.


Program booklets

... if available, are provided for download on the website in advance. Cast list or programme leaflets are available to take home free of charge.


You can rest assured

All surfaces and areas on our premises are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily. This applies especially to contact surfaces with intensive hand contact.

We implement all medical guidelines given by the state authorities with regard to the contact and cooperation with other persons and constantly monitor compliance with them.



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