Questions about the "Ring of the Nibelung"

Sir Donald Runnicles and Stefan Herheim in conversation with Julia Spinola and Albrecht Thiemann

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approx. 1 hour 30 minutes / no interval

In German language

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Who has the power and who is oppressed? What does the gold of the Rhine stand for and how is the appearance of the love motif at the end of GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG to be interpreted? Since the premiere of the RING DES NIBELUNGEN, every production of this work has tried to find answers to the questions posed by Wagner's tetralogy. And each of these answers, in keeping with the composer's intentions, has always been a cause for debate and discussion. This is no different with the Deutsche Oper Berlin's new RING, and following the third cyclical performance of the new production, the team responsible, General Music Director Sir Donald Runnicles and Director Stefan Herheim, now face the questions that their interpretation of the RING has sparked in conversation with the two renowned music critics Julia Spinola and Albrecht Thiemann.

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