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Hygiene concept for opening the stages of the Deutsche Oper Berlin (Main hall, Foyer, Tischlerei ) with adherence to the current regulations


This concept serves as the guideline for holding performances at the Deutsche Oper Berlin during the coronavirus pandemic.

The concept is based on the current regulations imposed by the federal government and State of Berlin as of 20 July 2021, as well as the VBG accident insurance from April 2021. Implementation of this safety concept aims to facilitate opera and concert operations. This is a living document and is to be considered a flexible concept subject to changes according to the respectively current situation.

The concept thus considers the safety of visitors and personnel, while addressing how to reduce the risk of infection of the public and visitors to a minimum, and how to ensure adherence to occupational safety requirements for all involved parties and personnel.

In accordance with the regulations imposed by the State of Berlin as of 20 July 2021 (8th amending regulation from 4 June 2021), theatre operations may resume if the following conditions are met:

In the entire building complex of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, it is compulsory for visitors to wear an FFP2 or medical face mask.

Visitors with a doctor’s attestation confirming exemption from the mask requirement are still prohibited from attending performances or events.

Employees, except for stage personnel, are required to wear at least a medical face mask.

Visitors must maintain a distance of 1.5 m from each other when not at their seats.

Food service can be offered, pending adherence to the respective regulations.


Identification requirement and personal information

In order to be able to trace the chain of infection in the event of a SARS-CoV-2 infection, ticket buyers’ and on-site visitors’ contact information is recorded. To this end, visitors are required to register themselves with the Luca or Corona-Warn app, or on a sheet of paper, before entering the building. If digital registration is not possible, please use our visitor information form. You can fill this out in advance and bring it with you to the theatre.

Please direct any questions to the box office or ticket hotline at +49 (0)30 343 84 343.

On the evening of the event, all visitors are required to bring their personal identification and to present it at the entrance when prompted.


Buying tickets

Tickets can be purchased in advance either on the web shop, via the ticket hotline at +49 (0)30 343 84 343, and at the box office (Wednesday to Saturday, 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.). Anonymous ticket sales are not permitted. All tickets are sold with assigned seating. The evening box office is also open again.

Each ticket buyer must provide their contact information when purchasing the ticket.

Persons who purchase multiple tickets are obligated to obtain the contact information of all ticket users and to disclose this information upon request so that they can be contacted by the authorities or Health Office if necessary.


Admission requirements

You require the following documents (digital or physical copies) to gain admission to our performances and concerts:

Your ticket. See "Identification requirement and personal information"

A negative coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 test result (instant antigen test or PCR test / not older than 24 hours) from a test taken on the day of the performance.

or proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (the last vaccination must have been obtained at least 14 days before the event)

or proof of having recovered from COVID-19 (the positive PCR test result is at least 28 days and at most six months old, or at least one COVID-19 vaccine in the event of an infection from more than six months ago)

Your photo identification

Children up to the age of 6 and pupils who are subject to regular testing as part of their school attendance are exempt from compulsory testing. Proof must be provided by means of a pupil ID card or BVG card. During the regular school holidays, proof by means of the pupil ID card is sufficient; an additional test result does not need to be submitted.


Admission restrictions

Please note that, due to the ongoing pandemic, attendance at Deutsche Oper Berlin events is not possible in the following instances:

Admission is prohibited for persons who are infected with COVID-19 or present typical symptoms of COVID-19. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the typical COVID-19 symptoms are primarily fever, coughing, sore throat, and loss of sense of taste and smell.

Persons who, within the past 14 days, have had contact with someone infected with COVID-19 are also prohibited from attending events at the Deutsche Oper Berlin. This does not apply to persons who are occupationally required to have contact with COVID-19 patients, provided the respective safety measures had been adhered to for purposes of such work.

Visitors with an infection of the upper respiratory tract are not permitted to attend events.

If you are unable to attend an event due to one of the reasons stated above, tickets that have been purchased can be cancelled at the box office or via the ticket hotline up to two hours before the event.


Requirements for the Main Hall at Deutsche Oper and Philharmonie:

The "Pandemic" hall plan considers the maximum number of visitors pursuant to the regulations of the State of Berlin, as mechanical ventilation systems have been installed that ensure regular air flow. This means that the maximum total capacity in the hall is 1,865 seats. No seat spacing is provided between seated persons.

Admission to the foyers for performances on the main stage is from 60 minutes before the announced start of the performance, for recitals or discussions in the foyer from 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

Admission tickets are scanned contact-free and with the greatest possible distance from the buyer. Visitor admission is monitored in two steps:

1. Visitors‘ personal identification and verification of vaccination, test results or recovery (see admission requirements) are checked outside. All guests also register on the Corona-Warn App or by filling out the contact form before entering the building.

2. Tickets are scanned inside.

Please wear a medical or FFP2 mask from the moment you enter the venue and until you leave. Once you have taken your seat, the mask can be removed. For your own protection and the protection of those around you, we strongly recommend that you continue to wear your mask during the performance. Children up to the age of six are exempt from the mask requirement.

Persons must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m from each other both at the entrance and inside the Deutsche Oper Berlin building.

The evening box office is open. The distance requirement of 1.5 m must also be adhered to at the evening box office.

Coat checks will also be available.


Requirements for the Tischlerei:

Up to 120 visitors are allowed to attend an event. As there is no mechanical ventilation system here, visitors must be at least 1 metres from each other during the event as well. Seating is assigned.

Visitors are only permitted to buy single tickets.

At the entrance please present your ticket, personal identification, and verification of vaccination, test results or recovery (see admission requirements)

Guests are required to wear an FFP2 or medical face mask. Persons must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m from each other both at the entrance and inside the Deutsche Oper Berlin building.

Until 30 October 2021, access to the Tischlerei will be via the passageway into the building complex in Zillestraße; from 31 October, entry to the Tischlerei will again be via the main entrance at the corner of Zillestraße/Richard-Wagner-Straße. Admission from 30 minutes before the start of the event.

The events are not barrier-free. Please contact our ticket and visitor hotline at +49 (0)30 343 84 343 if you require assistance. We are happy to help you. There is no evening box office.


Adherence to general hygiene requirements

Please observe coughing and sneezing etiquette, in consideration of other visitors and our staff; maintain a safe distance from other persons (at least 1.5 metres, except in the concert hall after taking your assigned seat). Our sanitary installations and disinfectant dispensers serve to ensure comprehensive hand hygiene.


Changes and additions to the hygiene concept

Visitors acknowledge that additional regulations, terms and requirements may apply if necessary, in particular due to changes to legislation or official instructions or ordinances pertaining to admission to and spending time in the event vicinity, including following the purchase of admission tickets. Visitors will be notified of such changes, and these changes must be observed upon being announced.



… if available, are available for free download on the website in advance. They can also be purchased from the service staff on the evening of the event. Cast lists and playbills are available free of charge.



Rest assured

Every surface and area within our premises is cleaned thoroughly and disinfected every day. This especially applies to surfaces that regularly make contact with hands.

We implement all medical requirements issued by the authorities with regard to working with and around other persons, and constantly monitor adherence to these requirements.

Notes on data protection

The data collected from you will be used by us in connection with the Corona pandemic exclusively for the enforcement of infection control regulations, in particular for contact tracing. This includes the forwarding of this data to the competent health authority in the event that a person was ill, suspected of being ill, suspected of being infected or a carrier of the infection within the meaning of the Infection Protection Act at the time of the performance. In addition, the data must be made available to the competent authorities at their request if they wish to check whether the required information has been provided completely and truthfully by the visitors and the documentation has been properly kept by the organiser.


The data will be deleted by us four weeks after the end of the event.


The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c DS-GVO in conjunction with § 5 of the Berlin SARS Co'V-2 Infection Protection Measures Ordinance.



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