Young & Furious

Productions for the “Augenblick Mal!” drama festival for young audiences

An Unusual Symptoms production / Samir Akika & Johannes Fundermann; in partnership with Passerelle VZW., Belgium, and Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster
Suitable for youngsters aged 14 and upwards.





On stage: a punch bag, a young woman and a DJ. Jerking bodies, pulsing in time to techno beats. The story of a grandfather, of embracing couples. People sitting round, eating rolls of toilet paper, drinking beer and smoking. What do I need to feel young? How many boundaries, how much anarchy? “We all want to be someone special.” It's not about fitting in or achieving some goal or other. The thing is to try out as much as possible.

In a whirl of stories, dance sequences and ritualistic games, eight young people from Belgium and Germany showcase themselves and their various approaches to life. The result: a multilingual panorama of inner voices and external ascriptions.