Schedule - Deutsche Oper Berlin

Jazzfestival vom 17. bis 22. April 2024

4. Jazzfestival

Die Fusion von Jazz mit Lyrik in der Tischlerei

Information on the piece

ca. 90 Minuten / Keine Pause

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About the performance

This is already the 4th jazz festival that brings together musicians from the BigBand with jazz musician friends and jazz-tested orchestra musicians. In the moderated concerts in the Tischlerei, the focus this time is on the music of Andreas Reber (on 17/18 April), Louis Armstrong (on 19 April) and George Gershwin (on 20 April). The festival will conclude with two jazz concerts for children, which - like the highly acclaimed versions of "Jungle Book" and "The Ballad of Robin Hood" that won awards from the press and critics - will also be published as an audio book for young jazz fans: On 21 and 22 April, Oscar Wilde's "Ghost of Canterville" tries ever more desperately to teach the new American inhabitants of his old English castle to be creepy.

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