6. Tischlereikonzert: Aus der Neuen Welt

America in the 20th century

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ca. 2 Stunden / Eine Pause

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About the performance

Antonín Dvořák [1841 – 1904]
Streichquartett Nr. 12, op. 96
„Amerikanisches Quartett”

Béla Bartók [1881 – 1945]
Kontraste für Klarinette, Geige und Klavier

Luciano Berio [1925 – 2003]
„O King“ für Flöte, Klarinette, Geige, Cello, Klavier und Gesang

Leonard Bernstein [1918 – 1990]
Dance Suite für Blechquintett

The selection of works and the dramaturgical conception of the Tischlereikonzerte are in the hands of the musicians of the orchestra. They are inspired by the new productions or revivals of the opera programme to create stimulating themes and unusual programmes that are unparalleled in their musical range in Berlin.

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