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Following the performance of THE MAKING OF BLOND

Chez Nu

If an avatar comes to the bar ...
Sat 12.06.2021 - 22:00 h
0,00 €

Admission with the ticket for THE MAKING OF BLOND on 12 June 2021, 8.30 p.m.

Informationen zum Werk

In the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and
via interactive stream on www.chez-company.org

In German language

approx. one hour / no interval

About the performance

Following the screening of THE MAKING OF BLOND, our late-night talkie format CHEZ NU will celebrate its premiere: a collective Q&A with character (tenor) at Chez Nu. And hopefully that will be all of us again. Life or hybrid, the main thing is Chez.

Over the last two years, Chez Company has been dealing with identity and gender roles. Lifelong, of course. We showed "Theblondproject" in the Kasino, a venue of the Burgtheater in Vienna. Together with Caroline Peters, this work was created as a performative installation from an interview marathon. We transferred themes and continued them in a radio play, and have now arrived at the opera. In THE MAKING OF BLOND we dealt with gender and other attributions in music. The heights of discourse often have to synchronise with the low points of real life! There we are again with ourselves and thrown back to the reality of our lives. Where do we really stand?

To push this question further and find artistic realisations, we work with an avatar. We let him/her out on the street in Vienna and in Berlin he/she comes back to us like a boomerang. We question him/her and ask ourselves, what would be our better self, our representative and what would he/she do?

"Chez Nu - If an avatar comes to the bar ...!" is a modified, discursive discussion about the UA "Theblondproject", produced in 2019 in the Kasino of the Burgtheater in Vienna.

Further information

A coproduction with ChezCompany and Burgtheater Wien. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

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