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31 August 2024, from 14:00 to 21:00

Opening party and opening concert 24/25

We look forward to welcoming you again to our Grand Opening on 31 August 2024. From 2.00 pm, members of the company will present musical and scenic samples, invite you to dress up and dance, to enjoy chamber music and a technical show, workshops, guided tours and much more. Finally, our opening concert with highlights from the new opera season will be performed at 7.00 pm. Celebrate the opening of the 24/25 season with us!
Grand Opening
Opening Concert
Auf dem Foto strömt Publikum in unseren Zuschauersaal. Durch KI wurden Verläufe und Verzerrungen in das Bild implementiert.
1, 6, 12, 21 September 2024


Bizet described his opera as an "operetta with a bad ending" - and rightly so, because what is unique about CARMEN is the mixture of romantic opera, realistic drama and Offenbach operetta. Ole Anders Tandberg's production tells the story in powerful images that constantly alternate between shock, grotesqueness and great emotion ... Conductor: Ariane Matiakh; Production: Ole Anders Tandberg; With Maria Kataeva, Nina Solodovnikova, Matthew Newlin, Byung Gil Kim / Joel Allison a. o.
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Auf dem Foto einen Szenenimpression aus CARMEN: Carmen in einem auffälligen roten Volantkleid, hinter und neben ihr Kinder in Kleidern, die den mexikanischen Día de los Muertos zitieren. Ein toter Stier liegt hinter Carmen auf der Seite.
5, 11, 14, 18 September 2024

Don Giovanni

In Mozart's dramma giocoso DON GIOVANNI, a character is up to mischief who seems familiar to us, whom we think we know, and yet who says of himself: "Who I am, you will never know." Director Roland Schwab purposefully made his way through the material, which is overloaded with interpretations, searching for his very own approach, finding the demonic Don Giovanni, one through whose eyes one can plunge into deep black holes one moment, only to succumb to his wit the next ... Conductor: Andrea Sanguineti; Director: Roland Schwab; With Mattia Olivieri, Flurina Stucki, Kieran Carrel, Maria Motolygina, Tommaso Barea, Meechot Marrero a. o.
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Dieses erste Bild der Fotoshow ist prototypisch für die Inszenierung von Roland Schwab. Don Giovanni, der große sarkastische Spielmacher, ist umgeben von Leporello als seinem Meisterschüler und seinen "Jüngern". Sie hecken die nächste Untat aus. Hinter ihnen tritt Donna Elvira auf. Diese Gemeinschaft aus vielen, den Meister stets nachahmenden Männern, die alle anderen auf der Bühne verhöhnen und nur als Material dienen, Don Giovanni immer wieder zu Höchstleistungen anzuspornen, durchziehen die gesamte Inaszenierung.
10 September 2024 / Musikfest Berlin in the Philharmonie

Italia Nera

The Deutsche Oper Orchestra presents a sultry Italian evening. Ottorino Respighi transports the orchestra into the arenas of Ancient Rome in an acoustic equivalent of cinemascope, while Luigi Nono counters the horrors of the present with life and love. And Giuseppe Verdi's OTELLO is one of the most tragic operatic works – here we hear the finale with Federica Lombardi and Roberto Alagna. The conductor is Sir Donald Runnicles.
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Eine Porträtaufnahme des Komponisten Luigi Nono.
16 September 2024 | Musikfest Berlin in the Philharmonie

A Celebration for the „Duke“

Duke Ellington's name is almost synonymous with the sound of the big band era. To mark the 125th anniversary of his birth and 50th anniversary of his death, the orchestra and BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, led by Titus Engel and Manfred Honetschläger, pays him hommage: in addition to his greatest hits, Honetschläger's suite ‘The Famous Duke’ will be premiered. The evening's soloists are saxophonist Tony Lakatos and singer Fola Dada.
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Ein Porträtbild von Duke Ellington mit Zylinder und im Frack
Opening premiere of the 24/25 season on 29 September 2024

Ottorino Respighi: La fiamma

Impressive songs and colossal tableaux accompany a story of intrigue, power struggles and an affair between stepmother and son in Ottorino Respighi's last great opera. Surrounded by political battles, the characters become entangled in personal conflicts that mercilessly lead to catastrophe and end with a cruel outcome at the stake ... Conductor: Carlo Rizzi; Director: Christof Loy; With Aušrine Stundyte, Georgy Vasiliev, Ivan Inverardi, Martina Serafin, Doris Soffel and others.
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Der Maestro an seinem Bechstein-Flügel um 1925: Um seine eigene Form der neuen italienischen Musik zu erschaffen, beschäftigte sich Respighi intensiv mit dem Studium alter Musik. Transkriptionen (links im Bild) waren seine große Leidenschaft.
to LA FIAMMA - Premiere on 29 September 2024

Transfiguration of an icon

Ottorino Respighi and his librettist Claudio Guastalla were economical with the truth, transferring the action of a Norwegian witch trial in 1590 to 7th-century Ravenna. No matter that this predated witch trials by centuries and was alien to Byzantine Italy. By altering the era and geography of this story of love and witchcraft, they bigged up the conflict into one between Christianity and paganism, Orthodoxy and heresy. ... Witches’ potential lies in the grey zone between reality and fiction. They are fascinating characters, narrative surfaces onto which we can project our versions of the female sorcerer. Read about this in our blog article and experience Ottorino Respighi's opera LA FIAMMA, which tells the story of a witch hunt.
Read in our blog
La fiamma
Ein Kupferstich von 1692. Er zeigt eine Szene aus den berühmten Hexenprozessen von Salem in Massachusetts/USA, die bis heute unzählige Erzählungen und Filme inspirieren
to LA FIAMMA - Premiere on 29 September 2024

In the maelstrom of intrigue

LA FIAMMA throws three women into a brutal conflict full of intrigue, betrayal and denunciation. And that means: three great singers go head-to-head in a musical showdown. Doris Soffel as Agnese di Cervia, Aušrinė Stundytė as Silvana and Martina Serafin as Eudossia talk about how they approach a great, virtually unknown opera and how they find their way into their roles. Read the interviews in our blog and experience the three exceptional artists in Respighi's LA FIAMMA in the production by Christof Loy ( DAS WUNDER DER HELIANE, FRANCESCA DA RIMINI, DER SCHATZGRÄBER) and under the musical direction of Carlo Rizzi.
Read in our blog
La fiamma
Drei Porträts von links nach rechts: Martina Serafin, Aušrine Stundyte  und Doris Soffel, die Interpretinnen der Eudossia, der Silvana und der Agnese di CerviaPartien
to LA FIAMMA - Premiere on 29 September 2024

The Sum of his Creativity

LA FIAMMA is the sum of Respighi‘s (left on the picture) creativity. It is an opera which would be unimaginable today: a true melodrama. Nothing more grandiose had been written since the end of Act I of TURANDOT. The opera is set in the Byzantian Ravenna in the 7th century, an epoch Respighi was itching to have his way with, musically speaking. Thus, the literary model was antedated by a meagre 900 years. The opera is full of oriental sounds, Latin chants, veristic cantilenas and Monteverdian monodies. The sound is sombre, archaic, ever earnest and highly dramatic. Read more about Respighi and his last opera in our blog or attend one of our performances.
Read in our blog
La fiamma
Eine zeitgenössische Fotografie von Respighi (l.) mit seinem Librettisten Claudio Guastalla 1932 in Rom.
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Giacomo Puccini: Il trittico, Premiere on 30 September 2023


Now available on DVD / Blu-ray

Rued Langgaard: Antikrist

The Antichrist makes his entrance into a godless world. Sent by Lucifer into the world, he adopts many guises. Mankind is tested and tempted by pride, lust, lies, despondency and hatred in an “all-against-all altercation”. Langgaard’s opera is suffused with fin de siècle atmosphere and pessimism, denouncing the vices of the modern age: egotism, arrogance, frivolity. Langgaard, though, was also an optimist, convinced of the transformative power of art and the importance of music as a thread connecting people to the godhead. ANTIKRIST has now been released on DVD and Blu-ray. Conducted by Stephan Zilias, the production by Ersan Mondtag features Thomas Lehman, Jonas Grundner-Culemann, Valeriia Savinskaia, Irene Roberts, Clemens Bieber, Maire Therese Carmack, Flurina Stucki, AJ Glueckert, Andrew Dickinson and Joel Allison.
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Antikrist 24/25
In blaues Nachtlicht getaucht ist die Stadtansicht. Der Straßenflucht optisch folgende stehen Tänzer*innen von links vorne zur hinteren Bühnenmitte. Am hinteren Ende der Straßenflucht liegt - einzig nicht in einem Körperproportionen verändernden Bodysuit - Gottes Stimme. Er liegt am Boden und versucht sich von diesem zu erheben.
We warmly congratulate the award winner.

Lisenka Heijboer Castañón receives the Götz Friedrich Prize 2024

The Götz Friedrich Prize for the 2023/2024 season goes to Lisenka Heijboer Castañón for her production of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE OTHER MARY by John Adams at the Vienna Volksoper. Chaired by the artistic director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Dietmar Schwarz, the jury voted in favor of awarding the 5,000 euro prize to the Dutch-Peruvian director. The award ceremony will take place on October 16, 2024 in the foyer of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. 
Read more
Die niederländisch-peruanische Regisseurin Lisenka Heijboer Castañón bei den Proben vor den Kulissen von THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE OTHER MARY von John Adams

Your Deutsche Oper Card 2024/25

The Deutsche Oper Card 24/25 costs a one-off fee of € 75.00 and grants you a 30% discount on up to two tickets per performance on the main stage during the period of validity of this card. Excluded are performances in the foyer and the Tischlerei, children's performances at standard prices, performances by the Staatsballett Berlin, external and special events and the Festive Opera Night. Combination with other discounts and reductions is excluded. You can purchase the Deutsche Oper Card 24/25 by telephone, at our box office or most easily directly in the webshop.
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