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Tischlerei (our studio):
Welcome to the Tischlerei!
“Encounters“ is not just the title of one of the areas of focus in the Tischlerei this season. Encounters also form a prominent part of our entire programme. In a former lifetime the Tischlerei was the workshop of the Deutsche Oper Berlin; now it is a space for experimental performances and installations, world premieres and works in progress. We embrace crossover, blend pop, rock, fine art, avant-garde and opera and explore themes centring on ‘the stranger’ and otherness in general. This regularly involves contacts between cultures leading to the generation of new forms of musical theatre. You are cordially invited to witness all these encounters close at hand.
Let us surprise you, Dorothea Hartmann, Art Director, Tischlerei

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Studio performances

12, 13 October 2019
Jazz & Lyrics: Words and Sounds
Rilke wrote his essay "Primal Sound" in 1919, and it is now 100 years old. This is reason enough to trace Rilke's relationship with music and the sounds of his words. To imagine alongside Rilke how, for example, the graphic transfer of the coronal suture of the human skull to a phonograph may sound, and what is the primal sound within us all .. With famous actor, singer and entertainer Ilja Richter.

To our jazz concert

To DON QUICHOTTE – on 28 June 2019
Ambushed from Behind
Always new, always different, always a little crazy: “Ambushed from Behind” is the Tischlerei’s late-night format in which soloists from the ensemble and special guests from the world of pop, rock, avant-garde and fine arts deliver their own one-off responses to five premieres being performed on the main stage.

Ambushed from Behind

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Musical theatre in six parts to Jani Christou – from 5 June 2020
The Project – Once to be realised
Among others Samir Odeh-Tamimi translates special moments into music. Also his default: sketches of the composer legend Jani Christou.

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World premiere on 22 November 2019
Samuel Penderbayne: The Snow Queen
With humour and awe Brigitte Dethier (photo) and Samuel Penderbayne will tell a road-trip movie together: musical flowers, a croaking clarinet, a tuba reindeer and the eerily beautiful synthesiser world of the Snow Queen are just a few ingredients in this musical theatre in which the children experience the story up close.

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World premiere – 14 September 2019
Wolf's Glen – Wolfsschlucht
Beginning with Friedrich Kind's FREISCHÜTZ libretto and Weber's music, composer Malte Giesen and director Paul-Georg Dittrich address the dark sides of our desires. Seven bullets are promised to Max, and the musical theatre evening at the Tischlerei has seven stations. With three singers, children's choir, two horns, piano and electronic music, the aggregate states of rage, grief, fear and hope are made tangible.
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Jazz & Lyrics
These concerts combine music and texts. Original, virtuoso presentations of swing and funk mixed with biographical material, poetry and background knowledge on a particular artist or subject. These concerts are guaranteed to delight!

Jazz season

Young Opera
Young Opera invites youngsters to see, hear and get involved. Many of the projects and performances take place in the Tischlerei. They include the Baby Concerts and Concerts for Kids, the stage presentations by the Children’s and Youth Clubs and much more besides ...


Young Opera

This was ...
Common Sound mini festival
We are looking for youngsters aged 15 and over who sing, play an instrument or are generally excited about music and theatre. This a week of daytime workshops and evening jamming, chilling, playing and eating together – all culminating in a Common Sound mini festival.


22, 23 June 2019
Quality Time – A performance by the Youth Club
We ask things of you and ourselves. How do we spend our time? How do our parents and our audience spend their time? What decisions do we take? What are the best ways to spend our time wisely? And how much time do we have left?

About the performance

22, 23 June 2019
Songs you can’t get out of your head – A performance by the Children’s Club
In recent months members of the Children’s Club have been hard at work in the Catchy Song tailor’s workshop cutting up tunes, cropping texts, triggering memories and ranking beats on the catchiness scale.

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