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Orchestra - Deutsche Oper Berlin

Welcome to our orchestra season!

As people who commute to work at an opera house, our day job consists of channelling our energies and enthusiasm into using music and drama to tell stories. But in addition to this we all nurture a secondary passion – a desire to simply play music straight, to enjoy it for its own sake without the costumes and stage set. This can be in the form of jazz, kunstlieder, chamber music or the full-bodied sound of the orchestra delivering a symphony. The Deutsche Oper Berlin provides a space for all these initiatives, material that includes chamber music concerts in the Tischlerei, the “Songs and Poets” and “Jazz & Lyrics” programmes, and concerts on the main stage given by our orchestra and the BigBand ... We look forwards to seeing you, Your Dietmar Schwarz


10 September 2024 | Musikfest Berlin | Philharmonie

Special concert

The Musikfest Berlin celebrates the 100th birthday of Luigi Nono. The Deutsche Oper Berlin and Sir Donald Runnicles are taking part and confronting his "Canti di vita e d'amore" with the final act of Verdi's OTELLO and Respighi's "Feste romane".
To the symphony concert
Der italienische Komponist Luigi Nono schaut in die Kamera. Das Porträt entstand bei einem Musikfestival in Hilversum. Luigi Nono hätte in diesem Jahr seinen 100. Geburtstag gefeiert und zu seinen  Ehren findet das Musikfest 2024 statt.

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Our concert season
10 February 2025

Symphony concert

Originally from the French Basque country, Ravel had a soft spot for Spanish folk music. His short opera L'HEURE ESPAGNOLE is one of the best-known examples of his refined stylisation of Spanish dance rhythms. Marianne Crebassa can be heard in the role of Concepción, conducted by Maxime Pascal, who will pair the one-act opera with Rimsky-Korsakov's symphonic suite ‘Scheherazade’.
To the symphony concert
Der junge französische Dirigent Maxime Pascal blickt in die Kamera. Er übernimmt die musikalische Leitung in diesem Sinfoniekonzert mit Werken von Ravel und Rimskij-Korsakow.
21 March 2025

Symphony concert

With his symphonic poems such as ‘Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche’, ‘Ein Heldenleben’ and ‘Also sprach Zarathustra’, Strauss became the most internationally acclaimed young German composer around 1900. Hotly disputed due to the drastic nature of their musical language, these works made Strauss the epitome of the ‘young savage’. With our orchestra, Lorenzo Viotti, chief conductor of the Amsterdam Opera and one of the most celebrated conductors of his generation, shows that the fascinating power of the symphonic composer Richard Strauss is still unbroken today.
To the symphony concert
Ein Porträt des Dirigenten Lorenzo Viotti illustriert diesen Konzerthinweis. Er dirigiert einen Abend mit sinfonischen Werken von Richard Strauss.
Chamber music in the Tischlerei


The selection of works and the dramaturgical conception of the Tischlereikonzerte are in the hands of the musicians of the orchestra. They are inspired by the new productions or revivals of the opera programme to create stimulating themes and unusual programmes that are unparalleled in their musical range in Berlin. From solo violin to songs to percussion ensembles, from Josquin Desprez to Mozart's "Ein musikalischer Spaß", Dvořák's "American String Quartet" to Shostakovich, Cage and Xenakis, everything is heard in the special atmosphere of the Tischlerei.
Auf dem Foto ein Blechbläserensemble(zwei Trompeten, Horn, Tuba und Posaune) während eines Kammerkonzertes in der Tischlerei.
Chamber Music I - 23 October 2024

Introducing the academics

Graduates of music academies who have enjoyed outstanding training as soloists are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with an extraordinarily large opera repertoire at the Orchestra Academy. However, the cultivation of chamber music is also of great importance. That is why one concert in the orchestra's chamber music series is organised by the academy members each season. You can look forward to an individual evening that they organise together with their mentors.
To the chamber concert
Auf diesem Bild, das das Akademistenkonzert bebildert, steht eine junge Musikerin hinter einem Kontrabass. Weitere Instrumente ragen ins Bild.
Chamber Music II - 26 November 2024

Emperor, King.... Composer

This chamber concert takes our premiere of Verdi's MACBETH as a thematic opportunity to shed light on power and power relations over the centuries and to look at composing in their field of tension. Experience a journey through time from Bach's "Musical Offering" to Haydn's "Emperor Quartet" and socialist realism.
To the chamber concert
Ein Klavierquartett (Flügel, Violine, Viola, Violoncello) beim Musizieren im Rahmen eines Tischlereikonzertes.
Chamber Music III - 24 January 2025

In tempore belli

Artistic creation in times of war: This concert features works and presentations by composers who responded to wars and battles with personal trauma or escape into fantastic parallel worlds. Listen to works by Maurice Ravel, Lili Boulanger and Olivier Messiaen, among others.
To the chamber concert
Ein Streicherensemble musiziert in der Tischlerei im Rahmen eines Kammerkonzertes.
Chamber Music II - 20 November 2023


Traditionally, this one chamber concert each season focuses on favourite works by our orchestral musicians. The exact programme will be published soon.
To the chamber concert
Auf diesem illustrativen Foto sind deutliche Lichtreflexe auf Instrumenten. Diese Lichtstimmung rekurriert auf den Titel des Konzerts: Spotlights.
Chamber Music V - 10 April 2025

Against forgetfulness

In words, photos and music, the musicians of the orchestra remember Paul Feher, Theo Front, Berthold Goldschmidt and Hilde Reiss, former employees of the opera who were expelled by the National Socialists from 1933 onwards. Margarita Broich reads from personal documents. Works by Béla Bártok, Berthold Goldschmidt and Viktor Ullmann will be performed.
To the chamber concert
Benedikt Leithner, Kurator der Konzerte im Rahmen von "Wider das Vergessen" und Solo-Pauker im Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin, am Grabe von Ignaz Waghalter, einem der von den Nationalsozialisten vertriebenen Musiker des Orchesters der Deutschen Oper Berlin.
Chamber Music VI - 23 June 2025

In the mirror

This chamber music evening is all about mythological transformation stories in text and music: Richard Strauss' "Metamorphoses", Benjamin Britten's "Narcissus" and works by Karol Szymanowski and Thea Musgrave will be performed.
To the chamber concert
Auf dem Foto ein Blechbläserensemble(zwei Trompeten, Horn, Tuba und Posaune) während eines Kammerkonzertes in der Tischlerei.

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz

The Big Band of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and its "little sister", the JazzCombo, have long since established their own tradition at the house. In addition to the established Jazz & Lyrics series and two large concerts on the main stage, the fifth festival will take place in spring.
To the Jazz Festival from 6 to 12 May 2025
Auf dem Foto inmitten seines Percussions-Arsenals Rüdiger Ruppert, einer der Gründer der BigBand der Deutschen Oper Berlin.
1 January 2025

Swingin` 25

It's a swinging start to the new year when our BigBand and illustrious guests present the greatest hits of the swing era in their usual funky, sometimes rocking arrangements. Cheers to 2025!
To the jazz concert
Ein Blick in die Saxofongruppe bei einem Konzert der BigBand auf der Bühne der Deutschen Oper Berlin
13 July 2025

Cole Porter – King of Broadway

Songs such as ‘Night And Day’, ‘Love For Sale’ and ‘I've Got You Under My Skin’ have made Cole Albert Porter a legend. Experience the evergreens in funky arrangements and enjoy a summer evening full of swing. The BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin plays under its musical director Manfred Honetschläger.
To the jazz concert
Ein Blick in die Blechbläsersektion der BigBand, davor stehen als Solisten ein Trompeter und ein Posaunist.
16 September 2024 | Musikfest Berlin | Philharmonie

A Celebration for the »Duke«

Duke Ellington würde im Jahr 2024 seinen 125. Geburtstag feiern. Aus diesem Anlass widmet ihm die BigBand und das Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin ein besonderes Konzert mit Hits der BigBand-Ära, aber auch Werken wie »Night Creatures« und »A Tone Parallel to Harlem«, mit denen er zu einem der Gründungsväter des »Third Stream« wurde. Es dirigieren Manfred Honetschläger und Titus Engel, es singt Fola Dada und am Saxofon die Legende Tony Lakatos.
To the jazz concert
Auf dem Foto: Die BigBand im Konzert auf der Großen Bühne. Der Blick ist von hinten über die Musiker in den Saal.
Jazz & Lyrics I - 9, 10 November 2024

Blue Note Records

Founded by Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff, two German-Jewish emigrants in New York in 1939, the jazz label, which was named after the famous Blue Note of swing, jazz and blues, quickly gained significant importance. This is because the crème de la crème of jazz musicians were all over the recording studios. Experience the greatest hits of "hot jazz" and "boogie-woogie". Speeches between the various songs and standards will introduce you to the players, the era and the musicians.
To Jazz & Lyrics I
Auf dem Foto sind Blechblasinstrumente mit Lichtreflexen. Im Hintergrund Rüdiger Ruppert am Schlagzeug.
Jazz & Lyrics II - 12, 13 December 2024

Blame It on the Bossa Nova

They are located somewhere between Adenauer and riots, between staid bourgeoisie and bikini, between sauerbraten and a yearning for Italy: The hits of the 60s. Some of the hits will certainly make you wistful, others will make you smile. Combined with short stories by Elke Heidenreich, the musicians invite you to a nostalgic evening in the Tischlerei.
To Jazz & Lyrics II
Auf dem Foto eine Impression aus der Saxofongruppe mit Lichtreflexen auf den Instrumenten.
Jazz & Lyrics III - 15, 16 February 2025

Synaesthesia and jazz

Hearing colours, tasting sounds: This evening focuses on artists whose sensory perceptions function differently to those of most people and who were able to draw enormous creative potential from this. The musicians around Rüdiger Ruppert and Sebastian Krol certainly don't just look at Johann Wolfgang Goethe or Stevie Wonder.
To Jazz & Lyrics III
Auf dem Bild ist eine Impression aus der Trompetensektion.
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Sir Donald Runnicles am Flügel in seiner Heimat Wyoming. Draußen eine winterliche Landschaft. Das Foto illustriert den Link zu Sir Donalds Biografie.
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Das Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin im Bühnenbild der Neuproduktion ARABELLA im März 2023.

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