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Patrons (Förderkreis):
Dear friends of opera!
The Society of Friends and Patrons of the Deutsche Oper Berlin have been providing active, committed and enthusiastic support to Berlin’s largest opera house since 1982. We are a group of people who have a close emotional attachment to the institution. The Deutsche Oper Berlin is known for the calibre and quality of its ensemble and artists, the fine acoustics and its excellent views of the stage from all corners of the auditorium – and we want to raise the public profile of these attributes. Our activities also include helping the ensemble to realise special artistic visions. Would you like to get involved? Please ask about the benefits associated with being a Society member. We will happily tailor an individual package to your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!
Sincerely, André Schmitz,
Chairman of Förderkreis der Deutschen Oper Berlin e.V.


A great result!
In a spectacular auction Dr. Kilian Jay von Seldeneck succeeded in coaxing our members to follow the bidding all the way and pay large sums for delights such as a role as an extra in DIE FLEDERMAUS or a reading with Margot Friedländer. The proceeds of the evening enabled the Society to spend over €65,000 on a new double bass.

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Außerdem: Rundbrief #4

Circle 2020: Sign up as a member!
Circle 2020 is a group of Society members who have one particular goal as their focus: the new production of the RING. Parallel to their work fostering the production they also gain insights into the RING ahead of anyone else – through rehearsals, discussions and get-togethers …

All about the Circle 2020

Society stipendiary since 2017
Meechot Marrero
Hear her as Liù / TURANDOT, Frasquita / CARMEN, in the “Night and Dreams” Chamber Music Concert and in a raft of other roles.

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Coming soon: a premiere
Don Quichotte
Don Quixote is the man who tilts at windmills. He who takes up with a horde of bandits. And whose love is returned by the beautiful Dulcinea. Yet the "knight of the sorrowful countenance" must come to realise that his dreams have no place in the reality of others.

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About the performance

Rehearsal „Delirio“ / cancelled

The dress rehearsal today must unfortunately be cancelled. We ask for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact Silke Alsweiler-Lösch.



Closed event: 3 June 2019
Guided tour through the props

We would like to conclude our opera season together with a guided tour through the "catacombs" of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Together we can visit the props warehouse at the Deutsche Oper Berlin - and see all our favourite props up close, and understand how they are stored and stowed away.



Closed event: 25 June 2019
Journey to Israel

We will be travelling again this year: Destination this time is Israel. The Deutsche Oper Berlin and The Israeli Oper Tel Aviv have traditionally had a very close relationship. In the recent past we have lent productions to Tel Aviv several times - for example DER BARBIER VON SEVILLA and we are currently preparing the next cooperations. Reason for us to travel there once. The director of the opera in Tel Aviv, Zach Granit, is looking forward to welcoming us personally.



Closed event: 9 to 14 November 2019
Fostering is fun – Society events
Double mountain festival for the "Don Quixote" new production
The Förderkreis der Deutschen Oper Berlin presents 500.000 € for the RING 2020
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Become a member

As an active member you will be able to provide financial and intangible assistance to the Deutsche Oper Berlin, for instance by supporting unique productions, promoting the development of young artists by means of stipends or helping to fund individual projects of exceptional value.




About membership and the subscription tiers
The Board

Chairman: André Schmitz – 1st Deputy Chairman: Kilian Jay von Seldeneck – 2nd Deputy Chairman: Margarita BroichTreasurer: Klaus Siegers – Other board members: Prof. Dr. Axel Fischer, Axel Goedecke, Benita von Maltzahn, Johanna Oetker, Sophie Prinzessin von Preußen, Dr. Philipp Semmer, Stephan Schwarz, Dietmar Schwarz 


The board

Silke Alsweiler-Lösch
(Head of Admin)
Förderkreis der Deutschen Oper Berlin, Richard-Wagner-Straße 10, 10585 Berlin
Tel.: +49 [0]30-343 84-240 / Fax -686
Bank details:
IBAN DE64 1012 0100 1004 0720 59