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Our doors are wide open to children, young people and families from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. We invite you to experience the emotional power of music theatre and opera with us. We invite you into an opera house that is your house and encourage you to rethink and reshape opera with us - so that it is relevant to your life plans. We are inspired by the diversity of voices and ideas brought by individuals and communities in the city. By building long-term relationships and partnerships, we aim to contribute to cultural education in the city and encourage people of all ages to express themselves artistically. Yours, Evi Nakou, Director Junge Deutsche Oper
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Walk behind the scenes, visit an opera, try out a new piece of music theatre in the Tischlerei, let your imagination run wild in rehearsal rooms, welcome artists into daycare centres, improvise with musicians in youth centres and sing with singers in your own school: We want to explore with young people how we play, experiment and express ourselves through music theatre: in live concerts, performances, youth clubs and participatory projects.
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Young Opera's performances
Our Young Opera's schedule
Family concert: 11 Sep. / School concert: 12 Sep.

A Tell-Tale Concert for All from 6: The Ballad of Robin Hood

Composer Martin Auer, narrator Simon Jäger and the "wild jazz orchestra" search for the legendary champion of justice beyond the traditional mainstream. Let's go to Nottinghamshire.
To the jazz concert
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Giorgio Battistelli - 19, 21 (11am & 8pm) Oct 2022

A very special music theatre: Experimentum Mundi

The 16 artisans on stage are not actors at all, but real "artigiani": carpenters, bricklayers and pavers from Battistelli's hometown Albano Laziale. The play is an experiment that combines two worlds - the opera stage and the workbench. The world and the small town ... Giorgio Battistelli conducts.
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18 performances from 4 Dec. 2022 to 26 Jan. 2023

A road movie for everyone from 8: The Snow Queen

Kay is gone. From one moment to the next he has changed, is mean and hurtful - his best friend Gerda sets out and is ultimately able to free him from the Snow Queen's ice palace. Andersen's well-known fairy tale is transformed into a road movie with lots of wit and pace for everyone aged 8 and up ... Directed by Brigitte Dethier; With Sophia Körber, Alexandra Ionis, Martin Gerke, Hanna Plaß, Jone Bolibar Núñez, Louise Leverd, Jack Adler-McKean, Henriette Zahn, Daniel Eichholz
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Dates upon request

Our artists in your nursery: Expedition TIRILI

Children are born explorers. Two musicians visit them in the nursery with their equipment and take them on a music-theatrical journey of discovery. Together they ask themselves: How are sounds created? What is music made of? Who or what is this mysterious TIRILI?
All about the production
21, 23 (2pm and 6pm) December 2022

Mozart's most famous opera in just 70 minutes: The fairy tale of The Magic Flute

Tamino falls in love with Pamina, whom he is only allowed to marry if they pass difficult tests. Through the "fair sound" of the Magic Flute, they both succeed in overcoming fire and water. Papageno and Papagena also find each other through the magic of music. And so that the opera in this version only lasts 70 minutes and is thus over half shorter than its big sister, a narrator summarises the events ... Conductor: Dominic Limburg; Director: Gerlinde Pelkowski; With Jörg Schörner, Meechot Marrero, Andrei Danilov, Patrick Guetti, Markus Brück a. o.
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7, 27, 28 December 2022; 5, 6, 9 July 2023

The Kinder Ballett Kompanie Berlin dances for children from 4: Peter Pan

Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, has been playing his games for over 100 years. In this version by the Kinder Ballett Kompanie Berlin, Michael, John and Wendy experience exciting adventures on the island of Neverland together with Peter Pan, the "lost boys" and Tinkerbell. But beware of Captain Hook! ... A choreography by David Simic based on the stories by James Matthew Barrie with music by Edvard Grieg, Herman Severin Løvenskiold and Alexander Glasunow.
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World premiere 3 March 2023

Chez Company: Karaoper

What if we could change the world? A future with fun, with clean seas and crystal clear blue skies, a world where justice prevails, where we can still travel and be with others from other countries ...? In the specially invented KARAOPER we want to dream together with children.
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Crafting, singing, making music or seeing themselves in a completely different way: Part of the opera mice for a year

Opera mice [from 6 years] can give free rein to their curiosity and discover opera for themselves. During rehearsal visits and guided tours, children, young people and families experience the work behind the scenes first-hand. Encounters with artists and staff from the various trades offer an exciting insight into the microcosm that is opera.
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Holiday time is definitely music theatre time: Our labs in the winter and Easter holidays
Presentations in February and April

Holiday time is definitely music theatre time: Our labs in the winter and Easter holidays

During the holidays, in our participatory projects, we take over the stage or other places in the city. We improvise, exchange ideas, play and learn from each other. At the end of such a process is the performance of a concert or a piece of music theatre in the Tischlerei ... In order not to miss any registration deadline, sign up for the newsletter or check our website regularly. First information from September 2022.
E-mail to the JDO
Registrations for 2022/23 from September

From the idea to the premiere: a whole year of creativity in the children's and youth club

During the entire season, the children's club [9-12 years] and the youth club [13-18 years] explore in the afternoons under the guidance of artists and educators how individual and collective ideas can be transformed into a concrete production. The young participants get to know all the phases of a music theatre production in a practical way - from the first conceptual discussion to the final round of applause in the carpentry workshop ... Interested? The 2021/22 presentations are on 1 and 2 July 2022.
Children's Club Presentation
Youth Club Presentation
Generational Performance on 4 December 2022

Opera for young and old: Don Quichotte

Few fictional characters are as celebrated as the »Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance«. And nowhere is the Man of La Mancha as gloomy as he is in Massenet’s work. Jakop Ahlbom’s production presents a collision between the eponymous hero’s fantasy world and the harsh reality of life – and also pulls off astonishing tricks to generate some enchanting moments of musical theatre ... Numerous generational performances also await you in the 2022/23 season. Just take a look at our play overview!
Overview 2022/23
Don Quichotte
For school classes, accompanying a visit to the opera

Opera from a completely different perspective: backstage tour

During the behind-the-scenes tours, the pupils can get to grips with opera and music theatre in a variety of ways and gain an insight into the interaction between the diverse and numerous professions and departments such as the costume or make-up department, orchestra and chorus. With an extensive range of guided tours and preparatory workshops for individual operas, children and young people are introduced to music theatre in a playful way.
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Opera sounds right in the classroom!

Academics in your schools

At your request, we organise for a small group of academists to come directly to your school with their instruments and play music from the opera repertoire of the Deutsche Oper. They present their music, their instrument and themselves in 90-minute moderated discussion concerts. A music theatre teacher also accompanies the visit and provides additional insights into the work in the orchestra ensemble.
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Do you know the Junge Deutsche Oper on Youtube?

Take a look behind the scenes, watch rehearsals, experience the journey from conception to premiere: The new YouTube channel of the Junge Deutsche Oper and the Children's Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin is a wonderful place to browse through numerous trailers and documentaries of projects from recent years. Have fun!
Go to Youtube here!

TUSCH - Theatre and School

What are you passionate about and what are you prepared to put up with? The pupils of our TUSCH partner school Peter-Ustinov-Schule in Charlottenburg not only asked themselves these questions, but also the staff of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. During a project week in January 2021, they developed their own artistic project under the direction of theatre pedagogue Elly Jarvis and video artist Kalma. They showed the results of this digital project week at the TUSCH Festival in March.

TUKI - Theatre and Daycare

Normally, stage director Franziska Seeberg and theatre pedagogue Lisa Schwabe go to our TUKI partner day care centre Kastanienallee Westend every week, and explore music, theatre and the everyday space of the day care centre with the children there. During these special times, the work takes place primarily at a distance - and in the living room of the families! The TUKI artists have come up with numerous play ideas, videos and theatre experiments that invite you to try them out.

A partner for teachers

Which teaching formats do you need in your lessons? How can you integrate music theatre as aesthetic and pedagogical creative principles into everyday school life? And how can we initiate artistic encounters and bring music theatre into the school in times of homeschooling, split classes and closed theatres? We develop a tailor-made programme for you and your class.
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The tuba
Digital instrument presentation

The tuba

In this tuba talk with Vikentios Gionanidis, Emilio Potratz from the Young Chorus learns many surprising facts about brass, banda and bass tuba: mouth modulations, circular breathing or sound spectra (gentle-romantic to powerful-dangerous) - and who would have thought that the tuba is a real Berliner?
Further instruments

The neverending story

The paradoxical thing about childhood is that it survives well into adulthood. This is why grown-ups relate emotionally to their own childhood and to different degrees – perhaps to a stronger degree if they are closely involved with children in their capacity as parent, grandparent or teacher. Childhood is wedged in our adult lives like the tiny splinter wedged in Kay’s heart in the SNOW QUEEN fairy tale.
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Classroom orchestral music

An opera without an orchestra? Unthinkable! The musicians from the Deutsche Oper Berlin orchestra usually disappear into the orchestra pit during performances, but otherwise they are very happy to make contact with their audience. Pupils can attend rehearsals and talk to musicians, and at events such as concert workshops or music theatre days they can also engage in more intensive exchanges.
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