Also back in the 2022/23 season: The Snow Queen
from 4 December 2022

Also back in the 2022/23 season: The Snow Queen

Kay is gone. From one moment to the next he has changed, is mean and hurtful - his best friend Gerda embarks on a journey and is ultimately able to free him from the Snow Queen's ice palace. Andersen's well-known fairy tale is transformed into a road movie with lots of wit and pace with music by Samuel Penderbayne.
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It may be cold outside, snowing or raining: Winter brings some exciting projects to the Junge Deutsche Oper ... And we would like to invite you to apply soon! We look forward to seeing you again or getting to know you for the first time while playing, improvising, making music and doing musical theatre.
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Young Opera's performances
Our Young Opera's schedule
20 June 2022: School concert 11.00h / Family concert 18.00h

„The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra“

... is the orchestral introductory piece par excellence. For this 20-minute work, in which the entire sound and expressive palette of the orchestra is fanned out in a series of variations for the various orchestral groups, Britten drew on a "catchy tune" by Henry Purcell. For conductor Dominic Limburg, one of the tasks of any orchestra is to develop formats for children and young people. Limburg and the musicians are supported by Malte Arkona, who is passionate about conveying classical music to children and young people in a humorous, unconventional and knowledgeable way.
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World premiere 3 March 2023

Chez Company: Karaoper

What if we could change the world? A future with fun, with clean seas and crystal clear blue skies, a world where justice prevails, where we can still travel and be with others from other countries ...? In the specially invented KARAOPER we want to dream together with children.
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27, 30 June; 3, 7 July 2022

Offenbach: Les Contes d'Hoffmann

Conductor: Emmanuel Villaume; Director: Laurent Pelly; With Robert Watson, Heather Engebretson, Erwin Schrott, Jana Kurucová, Andrew Dickinson, Gina Perregrino, Burkhard Ulrich, Tobias Kehrer a.o.; Duration: 3:50 | Two intermissions | recommended for ages 15+.
About the performance

TUSCH - Theatre and School

What are you passionate about and what are you prepared to put up with? The pupils of our TUSCH partner school Peter-Ustinov-Schule in Charlottenburg not only asked themselves these questions, but also the staff of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. During a project week in January 2021, they developed their own artistic project under the direction of theatre pedagogue Elly Jarvis and video artist Kalma. They showed the results of this digital project week at the TUSCH Festival in March.

TUKI - Theatre and Daycare

Normally, stage director Franziska Seeberg and theatre pedagogue Lisa Schwabe go to our TUKI partner day care centre Kastanienallee Westend every week, and explore music, theatre and the everyday space of the day care centre with the children there. During these special times, the work takes place primarily at a distance - and in the living room of the families! The TUKI artists have come up with numerous play ideas, videos and theatre experiments that invite you to try them out.

A partner for teachers

Which teaching formats do you need in your lessons? How can you integrate music theatre as aesthetic and pedagogical creative principles into everyday school life? And how can we initiate artistic encounters and bring music theatre into the school in times of homeschooling, split classes and closed theatres? We develop a tailor-made programme for you and your class.


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Do you know the Junge Deutsche Oper on Youtube?

Take a look behind the scenes, watch rehearsals, experience the journey from conception to premiere: The new YouTube channel of the Junge Deutsche Oper and the Children's Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin is a wonderful place to browse through numerous trailers and documentaries of projects from recent years. Have fun!
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Our School and Family Concert on 20 June 2022

The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

With this project by the Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Junge Deutsche Oper, we continue the Britten cycle of works. Accompanying the concert there will be an instrument exhibition to try out in the foyer.
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New dates in spring and early summer

Expedition Tirili

For the " Mobile musical theatre" we travel with light luggage, without elaborate stage design, because we play locally, in the kindergartens. Children are a great audience: open, curious, enthusiastic. They miss neither curtain nor orchestra and have no firm idea of how an audience should behave.
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The tuba
Digital instrument presentation

The tuba

In this tuba talk with Vikentios Gionanidis, Emilio Potratz from the Young Chorus learns many surprising facts about brass, banda and bass tuba: mouth modulations, circular breathing or sound spectra (gentle-romantic to powerful-dangerous) - and who would have thought that the tuba is a real Berliner?
Further instruments

The neverending story

The paradoxical thing about childhood is that it survives well into adulthood. This is why grown-ups relate emotionally to their own childhood and to different degrees – perhaps to a stronger degree if they are closely involved with children in their capacity as parent, grandparent or teacher. Childhood is wedged in our adult lives like the tiny splinter wedged in Kay’s heart in the SNOW QUEEN fairy tale.
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Classroom orchestral music

An opera without an orchestra? Unthinkable! The musicians from the Deutsche Oper Berlin orchestra usually disappear into the orchestra pit during performances, but otherwise they are very happy to make contact with their audience. Pupils can attend rehearsals and talk to musicians, and at events such as concert workshops or music theatre days they can also engage in more intensive exchanges.
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