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Young Opera - Deutsche Oper Berlin

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Opera is for everyone!

Opera is a place of music and theatre, of sounds and images and great emotions, a place that makes many discoveries possible. Regardless of where you come from, how you define yourself, what you know and what experiences you bring with you: You are welcome here - children, young people, babies, young adults and their companions. We at Junge Deutsche Oper want to give young people access to the world of music theatre and open up a world for you in which there is something for everyone to discover. Concert formats, opera and music theatre can be experienced on the main stage, in the Tischlerei and in the foyer as part of school and daycare or in your free time with your family. We look forward to the 2023/24 season with you, your Fanny Frohnmeyer, Director of Junge Deutsche Oper
Opera is for everyone!
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23, 30 June 2024

Everything is new - A musical station theatre

By kids for kids: "Everything is new" is an opera safari developed by our children's club, in which around 40 audience members go on a discovery tour through the theatre. The performances by our young performers start at the door, lead into the cloakroom and also take place in the auditorium.
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Die beiden Theaterpädagog*innen Charlie Rackwitz und Madeleine Kandschur liegen am Boden des Foyers zwischen einem Lageplan und kleinen Musikinstrumenten. Unter ihrer Leitung entsteht ein Opern-Parcours, den die Kinder des Kinderclubs inszenieren.
from 4 years - 26, 28, 29, 30, 31 May; 3, 9 June

Magic Dragon Mo

In the small forgotten land of Pyromania, high up in a mountain range, dragons and humans live and work together peacefully. Almost all the dragons make themselves useful, only the young dragon Mo, who cannot breathe fire and is afraid of flying, is searching for his destiny. When he finds his grandad's magic trumpet in the garden, his quest takes a decisive turn: Mo wants to become Pyromania's first trumpet dragon! But who in Pyromania needs a trumpet dragon ... A jazz fairy tale for children aged 4 to 7
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Auf dieser Zeichnung ist ein kleiner lilafarbener Drachen mit roter Jacke und roter Mütze. In der Pfote hält er eine Trompete.
24 February; 5 March; 12 and 13 June 2024

Our "Expedition Tirili" in the opera foyer

We travel light, without an elaborate stage set, because we usually perform on location, in the day-care centres. Recently, we have also started performing in the foyer of the Deutsche Oper Berlin! Two musicians go on a musical theatre research trip with the children. Together they ask themselves: How are sounds created? What is music made of? Who or what is this mysterious TIRILI?
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from 10 years - 15, 28 Sep; 19 Oct; 17 Nov; 15 Dec 2024; 3, 28 Jan; 9 Feb; 4 March; 4 April; 1, 16 May; 28 June; 12 July 2025

The Magic Flute

The unequal friends Tamino and Papageno move between the realms of the night and the temple of the sun in their search for love. Tamino is in search of Pamina and Papageno finds Papagena. A fairytale-like story in a world marked by contrasts. Colourful and pictorially strong staging by Günther Krämer.
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Auf dem Foto eine Impression (Tamino trifft auf die Schlange) aus Günter Krämers Inszenierung der ZAUBERFLÖTE.
For all from 8 years old

Sing along! ... The Generation Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin is looking for choristers

In the Generation Chorus, people of different ages and backgrounds sing together. Grandparents bring their grandchildren and the grandchildren bring their grandparents. Here, the neighbour brings his neighbour. And even people who come alone find connection with others here. The repertoire is cross-genre and is made up of what the singers bring with them:  These can be folk songs, pop, hip-hop, folk, hits and much more. The stories of the different generations are reflected in them and told together. The chorus rehearsals are extended with music, dance and theatre workshops ... Rehearsals will take place always on Mondays, from 15.30 to 17.30 at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.
Sing along! ... The Generation Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin is looking for choristers
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Generational performance on 8 July 2024

Opera for young and old: Nabucco

Keith Warner's production of Verdi's first successful opera emphasises the basic idea of reconciliation with which the work concludes: Under the wise King Nabucco, the scribal people of the Hebrews and the warrior people of the Babylonians can hope for a peaceful future. Under the direction of Giampaolo Bisanti, Amartuvshin Enkhbat, José Simerilla Romero, Roberto Tagliavini, Jekaterina Sementschuk, Rihab Chaieb and others sing and play.
Overview 2023/24
Nabucco erstürmt den Tempel. Die Hebräer tragen Kostüme, die die Entstehungszeit der Oper imaginieren: strenge schwarze Kleider mit Taillierung und weiten Röcken sowie weißen Krägen. Nabucco trägt einen mit geometrischen Paspeln versehenen Bronze-farbenen Rock und die archaische Königsmaske vor dem Gesicht.
For families with children up to 6 years

Opera Families

The programme is aimed at families who are not yet familiar with the opera. Young children and their families have the opportunity to get to know the opera house in an age-appropriate way and free of charge, take part in musical workshops and experience rehearsal visits and musical theatre productions for children. In cooperation with family centres, daycare centres and the music school in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, children and adults get their first glimpse of opera in front of and behind the stage. Dates from autumn 2024.
Further information
Auf dem Foto von Pädagog*innen betreute Kinder an Trommeln
Registration only again from Sep 2024

Opera Mice – Experience the opera for a year

The opera mice [6 - 10 years] can give free rein to their curiosity and discover opera for themselves: On 10 dates spread over the season, the children can look behind the scenes, visit rehearsals, get to know various trades and instruments and gain an exciting insight into the microcosm that is opera. The dates take place without the accompaniment of parents; accordingly, the children must be ready for them and be at least 6 and no more than 10 years old on 1 September 2024.
Further information
Kinder beim Basteln von Figurinen  und Entwerfen eigener Kostüme
For school classes and day care centres

Opera from a different perspective: backstage tour and workshops

During the behind-the-scenes tours, the pupils can get to grips with opera in a variety of ways and gain an insight into the interaction between the diverse and numerous professions and departments. They get to know the stage, the orchestra pit and also the stage magazine from very close up and one or two hidden corners of this great opera house. In preparation for a visit to the opera, we offer school classes a wide range of workshops on all operas, which bring children and young people closer to musical theatre in a playful way.
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Eine Sicht in die Beleuchtungstrassen und auf die Rückseite des Bühnenbildes von TOSCA
Musicians close by for school groups

Orchestral music

An opera without an orchestra? Unthinkable! The musicians from the Deutsche Oper Berlin orchestra usually disappear into the orchestra pit during performances, but otherwise they are very happy to make contact with their audience. Pupils can visit rehearsals and talk to musicians. Instrument presentations give a closer look and present the instruments up close and also for trying out.
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Donald Runnicles zu Besuch in einer Schule im Rahmen des Kooperationsprogrammes "Rhapsody in School"
Visits to stage rehearsals from Class 10

Wagner's wild worlds

For the first time, the Deutsche Oper Berlin is opening individual stage rehearsals of Wagner's opera cycle DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN, enabling school classes and courses to experience parts of this monumental work. In connection with the rehearsal visits, we offer free preparation or follow-up appointments, whether in the form of workshops or discussions with those involved in the production. || The offer is free of charge. || Dates: ---> Tuesday, 7 May, in the morning (exact time to be announced): Stage rehearsal with orchestra Walküre, Act 1 | ---> Thursday, 16 May, (exact time to be announced): Stage rehearsal with orchestra Götterdämmerung, Act 2
Performances, Dates, Tickets
Eine Szene aus SIEGFRIED (Siegfried mit dem großen Drachen). Der Jüngling droht, dem Drachen zu Leibe 
zu rücken, brächte dieser ihm das Fürchten nicht bei. Mit Licht, Projektionen und Menschen in weißen Hüllen entsteht der Drache auf der Bühne. Siegfried steht zwischen dessen Augen.
All trailers and features in one playlist!

Do you know the Junge Deutsche Oper on Youtube and Instagram?

Take a look behind the scenes, watch rehearsals, experience the journey from conception to premiere: The new YouTube channel of the Junge Deutsche Oper and the Children's Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin is a wonderful place to browse through numerous trailers and documentaries of projects from recent years. Have fun!
Go to Youtube here!
JDO on Instagram
Eine Schnappschuss aus der Aufführung des Kinderclubs mit einem Blechritter vor goldenem Licht und drei Kindern in Bergmannsschürze und Fliegerbrille

TUSCH - Theatre and School

This year, our theatre teacher Elly Jarvis is exploring the question of money, work and value with the pupils and teachers of our TUSCH partner school Gebrüder Grimm Primary School. In addition, the children learn about opera and what makes it tick and how much work goes into it: the big stage as well as impressive sets and costumes, music and a big orchestra, opera singers, big emotions and drama and everything else that belongs to a house like the opera.

TUKI - Theatre and Daycare

From autumn 2023, Junge Deutsche Oper will once again enter into a partnership with a TUKI day-care centre and discover the world of music theatre together with a music theatre teacher. The nursery teachers will also be taken along and given music theatre pedagogical methods to help them make further musical and theatrical discoveries with the children in the nursery.

Workshops for teachers

For all those who would like to integrate music and theatre in school and day care centres, we offer workshops in which we present music theatre pedagogical methods and try them out together. We will discuss how these can be implemented for your age group and how you can integrate music theatre as an aesthetic and pedagogical design principle into everyday school life. In addition to open workshops, we also offer dates for closed groups such as colleges, specialist seminars and kindergarten teams.
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