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Young Opera:
So, there are the people up on stage singing and acting and the people out in the dim auditorium watching and listening, right? Kind of, yes, but opera is much more than that. Opera happens – in nursery schools and classrooms, on the main stage and our rehearsal stages. Everyone can do it: we have teenagers and children taking an active part. You are the audience and you are the people who make opera. Opera can be many things. Opera is music and theatre, method and sound, making friends and experimenting, making up stories and discussing them, drawing up utopias and designing society. Opera has many languages. Opera can be story, music, movement, us. Opera can be conquered. Opera is what you make it. We’re looking forward to the 2019/20 season with you.
Welcome to Young Opera!

Young Opera's performances

Our winter holiday laboratory starts soon
Who tells you to do what?
Who tells you to do what? Who do you allow to give you instructions? And above all: what does it sound like? Is it really necessary? 60 children and teenagers will spend a week exploring and mixing sounds, writing songs, founding bands and building instruments – assisted by a raft of artists. All culminating in a performance at which they present their findings.

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New in our programme – from 17 January 2020
Expedition TIRILI
For the " Mobile musical theatre" we travel with light luggage, without elaborate stage design, because we play locally, in the kindergartens. Two musicians (Pauline Jacob, Cathrin Romeis) visit them with their equipment in the kindergarten and go on a music-theatrical research trip with them.

All for Kitas

Expedition TIRILI

The Children's Chorus in the Tischlerei – on 8 March 2020
Springtime Singing
The time is not yet ripe for running about in bare feet, soaking up the sun, playing outside late into the evening. But maybe we can help it ripen faster with the right music.

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Children’s concerts – on 3 and 7 May 2020
"Wagner's Worlds"
Wagner’s music and the operatic worlds he created feature prominently in the calendar of main-stage events and are also the mainstay of this moderated children’s concert given with the Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Parallel to the launch of the new production of the RING OF THE NIBELUNG General Music Director Donald Runnicles himself will be conducting the event. One date is designed for nursery and school groups [Years 1-4] and one Sunday for families.

About the performance

Amateur opera: free time, family and friends

We throw the stage open to exhibitionists, thinkers and the curious! Be it a project or a production: we want your ideas, opinions, stories and experiences … onstage and backstage.



Our Get Involved activities
Classroom outing to the opera

We can help attune your pupils to opera and will make sure that every outing has a lasting effect on your youngsters. Be a school class sponsor for a premiere or get to know us and what we do by attending workshops, tours or one of our performances.



Our options for school classes
A partner for teachers

What do school children need to know? And what does theatre involve? What ways of conveying information should you be using in class and which works are suitable for your pupils? How can musical theatre, as aesthetic and didactic creative principles, be woven into the school curriculum?



Our options for teachers
Generational performance [6. February 2020] – recommended from 14 years on
Benjamin Britten: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Elves dance through the night in the summery enchanted forest and sing the fairy queen Titania to sleep. Music accompanies the wedding celebration of the royal couple, as well as the young lovers. And music rings out in the crassly humourous game in the play “Pyramus and Thisbe”, performed by six "highly skilled" craftsmen.
Benjamin Britten had arranged the original text by Shakespeare and scored it as a light, fairy tale-like. It is staged by young American director Ted Huffman.
About the performance
Children’s and Youth Club
Starting with a subject and ending with whatever the participants have made of it. Along the way there have been weekly rehearsals, writing sessions, brainstormings and instrument playing. Each club comes up with a work of musical theatre, taking it from initial idea to polished product and culminating in a public performance.

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Get involved in a large-scale youth production
Loud! ...
Develop a piece of music together, rehearse it with like-minded youngsters, be coached by pros and tread the boards at the end. We’re looking for teens aged 14 and up who want to be part of the next big youth production.

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Artists in school
Rhapsody goes Opera
In a joint initiative with »Rhapsody in School« well-known soloists present themselves and their instruments to children on the school premises. Afterwards the pupils see the artist in action at a rehearsal in the opera house ... with Klaus Florian Vogt, Piotr Beczała et al.

About Rhapsody goes Opera

A ring-side seat in the build-up to opening nights
Class sponsorships
A school class watches from the sidelines as a production takes shape. Our young visitors will be experts on the relevant work once they’ve watched a rehearsal, talked with the artists, taken a workshop and attended a performance.

Our Class Sponsorships

All about "Drums"
Percussionists in the orchestra play very different instruments - from the triangle to the xylophone to the wind machine. 1st solo timpanist Benedikt Leithner invites primary school classes into the world of percussion.

Our Introduction to instruments