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Opera Lecture

Rehearsal visit and conversation

Informationen Zum Werk



Frank Castorf (03.09.2019)
Chaya Czernowin (11.11.2019)
Sir Donald Runnicles (16.01.2020 | 04.06.2020)
Stephan Zilias (12.03.2020)
Sebastian Weigle (04.05.2020)


Jörg Königsdorf (03.09.2019)
Claus Guth (11.11.2019)
Ted Huffman (16.01.2020)
Ersan Mondtag (12.03.2020)
Graham Vick (04.05.2020)
Stefan Herheim (04.06.2020)


Dorothea Hartmann (11.11.2019)
Sebastian Hanusa (16.01.2020)
Lars Gebhardt (12.03.2020 | 04.05.2020)
Alexander Meier-Dörzenbach (04.06.2020)


Jörg Königsdorf (04.06.2020)

About the performance

About 560 employees and innumerable guests behind and before the stage see to it that at the Deutsche Oper Berlin “the cloth is raised”, enabling the audience to leave the scene enriched by unforgettable impressions. We cannot introduce you to every personality at once in our OPERNWERKSTATT series. But if you regularly visit the OPERNWERKSTATT you will gradually get to know them: the clever brains behind the Opera as work of Art, and the dreams, thoughts, emotions and ambitions associated with her. OPERNWERKSTATT brings you together with directors, conductors, singers, study directors, dramaturges, theatre creators. Each event starts with a visit to a scenic or musical rehearsal. After a glimpse into the workshop we shall introduce you to the emerging project and answer your questions. So that you can see what moves us.

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In co operation with TheaterGemeinde Berlin e. V.



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