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Ladies and Gentlemen, dear visitors!

Regretfully we see ourselves compelled by the present situation concerning the coronavirus to cancel all performances up to and including 19 April 2020. Here we are acting in accordance with the Senator for Culture and Europe, Dr. Klaus Lederer, who has cancelled all planned performances of the state theatres, operas and concert halls in Berlin for the time being until the end of the Easter holidays, that is until 19 April 2020. Tickets for the performances that have already been paid will be refunded. To request a refund, we ask you to provide the information below so that we can process your request as soon as possible.


With respect to our calendar for May, we have regretfully had to cancel the premiere of Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky’s THE QUEEN OF SPADES, scheduled for the 9th May – and will post up the new date of the premiere in due course. This has sadly been necessary, as the current regulations relating to gatherings make it clear that all of our departments would be prevented from preparing and rehearsing for the event. With the premiere postponed, all other performances of THE QUEEN OF SPADES scheduled for May have also been cancelled. As already announced in respect of performances up to 19th April, the price of any tickets purchased will be reimbursed. Depending on how the situation evolves, performances of other works will be scheduled to fill THE QUEEN OF SPADES dates. Details will be provided in good time.


Please note

If you bought your tickets through a visitor organization or eventim.de or through an external pre-sale point, please return them there.


Please find our online form here.
This form is not optimized for Internet Explorer. Please use for example the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox etc. or contact the ticket service at T +49 30 343 84 343 or send an e-mail to info@deutscheoperberlin.de.


Choose from one of these options ...

1 > Credit to my customer account

You would like a refund to the value of the ticket price as a credit to your customer account. You can use the credit for future ticket purchases.

2 > Ticket price to be reimbursed

You can return your tickets free of charge and receive a full refund. Send us the completed form with your customer and order number or contact us by phone at T +49 30 343 84 343. If you have paid for your tickets by phone or online by credit card, we will charge the amount back to your credit card. Otherwise we ask you to provide your bank details (IBAN) for the return transfer. Please understand that the reverse transaction may take some time, approx. 4 to 8 weeks. >>> How to find your order number.

3 > Donate the amount 

You would like to donate the amount worth the ticket price in favour of project work of the Young German Opera for children and young people during the holidays and you waive any repayment. In return you will receive a donation receipt.


After having sent the completed form to our ticket service, you will receive a copy of the form by email as confirmation of receipt. Please allow a processing time of approx. 4 to 8 weeks - thank you for your understanding.


The Box Office is closed until further notice.

Our online schedule for you

For children




Now that schools and daycare centres have been closed to stem the spread of the corona virus, the Deutsche Oper Berlin is offering a recording of the successful production THE SNOW QUEEN for children. The production by Brigitte Dethier, together with the composer Samuel Penderbayne, has created captivating music theatre for everyone from the age of 8, based on Hans Christian Andersen's art fairy tale. All the better to be able to deliver the production 'home' for 6 days now - it can be experienced live again from December 2020 (advance booking starts on 27 April). We thank all contributors for their kind consent.

Further broadcast in planning / via homepage


On this page we will inform you in the following days about further online offers as well as about prospects for the coming season.


Our warmest thanks for the generous support of Arthaus Musik, EuroArts, Naxos and Unitel!


Subject to alterations!

For adults



Scenic fantasy with music by Gustav Mahler in arrangements by Anne Champert, Arnold Schönberg, Rainer Riehm and Otto Singer
Conductor: Moritz Gnann; Director: Nicola Hümpel; With Katarina Bradic, Annedore Kleist, Anna-Luise Recke, Simon Pauly, Patric Schott, Joannis Avakoumidis; Members of the Orchestra of the Deutschen Oper Berlin; A coproduction with Nico and the Navigators; Recording from 2012 by Label Euroarts / Please find here our DVD

25 to 27 March 2020 / via homepage


Erich Wolfgang Korngold: DIE TOTE STADT

Conductor: Heinrich Hollreiser; Director: Götz Friedrich; With Karan Armstrong, Margit Neubauer, Sylvia Greenberg; James King, William Murray, Donald Grobe et al.; Recording from 1983 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our DVD

27 to 29 March 2020 / via homepage



Conductor: Caspar Richter; Director: Winfried Bauernfeind; With Gerti Zeumer, Lisa Otto, Carol Malone, Barbara Scherler; Manfred Röhrl, Donald Grobe, Ivan Sardi, Victor von Halem, Helmut Krebs et al.; Recording from 1974 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our VD

29 to 31 March 2020 / via homepage


Giuseppe Verdi: OTELLO

Conductor: Giuseppe Patané; Director: Hans-Peter Lehmann; With Renata Tebaldi, Sieglinde Wagner, Hans Beirer, William Dooley, Mario Ferrara, Karl-Ernst Mercker et al.; Recording from 1962 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our DVD

31 March to 2 April 2020 / via homepage



Conductor: Jiri Kout; Director: Götz Friedrich; With Gwyneth Jones, Hanna Schwarz; René Kollo, Robert Lloyd, Gerd Feldhoff et al., Recording from 1993 by Euroarts / Please find here our DVD

2 to 4 April 2020 / via homepage


Ludwig van Beethoven: FIDELIO

Conductor: Artur Rother; Director: Gustav Rudolf Sellner; With Christa Ludwig, Lisa Otto, James King, Josef Greindl, Walter Berry, Martin Vantin, William Dooley, Barry McDaniel, Manfred Röhrl; Recording from 1963 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our DVD

4 to 6 April 2020 / via homepage


Domenico Cimarosa: DIE HEIMLICHE EHE (in deutscher Sprache)

Conductor: Lorin Maazel; Director: Gustav Rudolf Sellner; With Erika Köth, Patricia Johnson, Lisa Otto; Josef Greindl, Donald Grobe, Barry McDaniel; Recording from 1967 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our DVD

6 to 8 April 2020 / via homepage



Conductor: Friedemann Layer; Director: Heinz Lukas-Kindermann; With Martha Mödl, Gudrun Sieber; Hans Günther Nöcker, David Knutson, Horst Hiestermann, Donald Grobe, William Dooley et al.; Junge Deutsche Philharmonie / Ensemble Modern; Recording from 1984 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our DVD

8 to 10 April 2020 / via homepage


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: DON GIOVANNI (in German language)

Conductor: Ferenc Fricsay; Director: Carl Ebert; With Elisabeth Grümmer, Pilar Lorengar, Erika Köth; Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Walter Berry, Donald Grobe, Josef Greindl, Ivan Sardi; Recording from 24. September 1961 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our DVD

10 to 12 April 2020 / via homepage


Giuseppe Verdi DON CARLOS (in German language)

Conductor: Wolfgang Sawallisch; Director: Gustav Rudolf Sellner; With Pilar Lorengar, Patricia Johnson, Lisa Otto; James King, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Josef Greindl, Martti Talvela, Ivan Sardi, Günther Treptow et al.; Recording from 1965 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our DVD

12  to 14 April 2020 / via homepage


Carl Heinrich Graun: MONTEZUMA

Conductor: Hans Hilsdorf; Director: Herbert Wernicke; With Alexandra Papadjiakou, Sophie Boulin, Gudrun Sieber, Catherine Gayer, Barbara Vogel, Walton Grönroos, Karl-Ernst Mercker; Recording from 1982 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our DVD

14 to 16 April 2020 / via homepage


Wolfgang Rihm: OEDIPUS

Conductor: Christof Prick; Director: Götz Friedrich; With Emily Golden; Andreas Schmidt, William Pell, William Dooley, Lenus Carlson, William Murray et al.; Recording from 1987 by Arthaus Musik / Please find here our DVD

16 to 18 April 2020 / via homepage

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