Children's Concert - The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Benjamin Britten [1913 – 1976]

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recommended from 6 years

approx. 1 hours / no interval

recommended from 6 years
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Benjamin Britten [1913 – 1976]
The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Conductor Dominic Limburg wants to bring young people closer to the orchestra with one of Benjamin Britten's best-known pieces: "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra - the name says it all: it is the orchestra familiarisation piece par excellence. When all the instruments play at the same time in a concert, they are often difficult for untrained ears to distinguish. Here, on the other hand, the individual orchestra groups are dissected, their different sounds sounded out. As in a wine tasting, specific colours and aromas are pointed out. At the end, the whole orchestra comes together in a complicated fugue; if you have listened carefully beforehand, you can find the individual groups there. For me, it is one of the tasks of every orchestra to also develop formats for children and young people. That's exactly what we're doing with Britten's piece: it's an offer for young people to discover the orchestra."


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