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Liebes Publikum, - Deutsche Oper Berlin

Editorial on the 2023/24 season

Dear Opera Lovers,

Were you to ask me what gives me joy as artistic director, my answer would perhaps not sound very inventive: like all the people working in this opera house on and behind the stage, I long for modern, powerful performances for an enthusiastic audience comprising all generations and social strata. After all, it’s not only important for us to produce good art, but also to ensure that this art reaches as many as possible. We want everyone to feel invited, and this makes us continuously question the manner we make contact with you: because many – not only younger – people get their information via social media today, we keep expanding our activities in this area. This year's preview also responds to the fact that many of you are now deciding to buy tickets at shorter notice: here, you will find everything that is important this season – further and more detailed information can then be found in our monthly magazine «Libretto”, but also in our newsletters and on our website. Of course, making opera accessible for everyone is not just a question of communication, but also of pricing. One signal in this direction is that we are expanding our multi-generation performances with discounted tickets, an offer which has proven highly popular. The ClassicCard also continues to offer affordable tickets in advance for those under 30.

The fact that you do respond to our offers was most recently brought home to me by a performance of Rued Langgaard’s droll opera for the end of times, ANTIKRIST. When the curtain came down, visitors who have been Deutsche Oper Berlin regulars for years stood cheering next to young people who might have set foot into our theatre for the very first time that evening.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Yours, Dietmar Schwarz

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