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The Hell within us

With WOLFSSCHLUCHT Paul-Georg Dittrich sends the audience on a journey through their own obsessions and desires

Paul-Georg Dittrich is a director of plays and operas. Two of his works for the Theater Bremen, WOZZECK and LA DAMNATION DE FAUST, were nominated for the German theatre prize DER FAUST.

"The Wolf's Glen is within each of us. It is the place where longing, dream and nightmare collide. A great Panopticon of obsessions and desires, human abysses. The Hell within us. The Wolf's Glen is the central scene from Carl Maria von Weber's Romantic opera DER FREISCHÜTZ. People who know opera have a very specific idea of how The Wolf's Glen must look: a dark, animalistic place outside in the forest, where the hero enters into a pact with the Devil. With our premiere we hope to completely subvert this expectation. The evening will begin in a clean factory hall. We will do away with the traditional peep box stage – the viewer as a voyeur in a comfortable viewing space – and the audience will instead move through a space that we will make come alive in an entirely different way through light and sound.

The viewer is part of this experience, and the mysticism comes from themselves. From questions like: How am I betraying myself? Where is my cutoff? Of course the Wolf's Glen is not a topic that can be sugar coated. Yet while it contains nightmarish moments, sin and treachery, there can also be heavenly enticement. So it will not only be bleak, but also garish, beguiling and utopian. An adventure."