Ambushed from behind: orchestral karaoke and farewell procession - Performance cancelled

Late night performances of the grand opera: DIE MEISTERSINGER VON NÜRNBERG

Information on the piece

On this evening we cordially invite you to the great orchestral karaoke singing. Twenty songs, arranged especially for this evening for an orchestra line-up, are available for selection. Would you like to be on stage? Then choose an aria or song from the list and send us your name and song request to:

Registrations on the evening of the show are also possible. If there are many registrations, the opera oracle will decide. We regret that we cannot accept song requests that deviate from the list.

You will find here the List as PDF!

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Who owns the stage of the Deutsche Oper Berlin? With this last edition of the series AUS DEM HINTERHALT under the motto MACHT DER KÜNSTE we invite you to a big orchestra karaoke happening in the Tischlerei. Special guests on stage this time, besides familiar faces from six years of HINTERHALT and singers from our ensemble, are you, dear audience! The greatest hits from the opera repertoire, from pop, rock and jazz - from Wagner to the Beatles, from Puccini to Bilderbuch - will be sung to specially written orchestral arrangements. Then, in a celebratory farewell procession, we look back on six years of HINTERHALT and carry the Hand, the iconic symbol of the power of the arts, into the city.

In our examination of Richard Wagner's DIE MEISTERSINGER, we put the art form and operation of opera through its paces once again in good old ambush fashion. On the basis of the questions about music, its production and evaluation dealt with in Wagner's opera, we critically reflect on what opera can and should achieve in these times: Who are the masters today? Who is allowed to sing, conceive and stage in these "sacred halls"?

Today we say: All power to the arts to the audience, everyone is a Meistersinger! If you've always wanted to sing on stage with orchestral accompaniment at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, you've come to the right place. There are twenty songs to choose from, arranged especially for this evening for an orchestral cast. Grab a song and sign up, you'll find more info and the selection of arias and songs at the top of the page. But even if you don't want to be on stage as a soloist, this evening will be a lively celebration - and there will be singing together in any case!

Under the motto "Power of the Arts", this BACKGROUND to THE MASTER SINGERS OF NUREMBERG concludes the series commenting on the premieres on the big stage, based on artistic positions of the present. AUS DEM HINTERHALT is curated by the singer, composer and director Elia Rediger, in which, together with members of the ensembles of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, artists such as Max Prosa, Sofia Portanet, Polypore, Mary Ocher, Bonaparte, Rosa Anschütz and the Brigade Futur 3 have been guests.


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