Marie-Ève Signeyrole und Keyvan Chemirani

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Music theatre by Marie-Ève Signeyrole and Keyvan Chemirani [*1968];
Texts by Marie-Ève Signeyrole in collaboration with Sonia Hossein-Pour
World premiere 29 October 2022

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In französischer und persischer Sprache mit deutschen und englischen Übertiteln

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Co-production with the Opéra Orchestre National de Montpellier Occitaine. Presented by Siegessäule and taz

About the performance

Two women meet and fall in love. Not such an extraordinary event, one might suppose, except this is happening in Teheran, where society is pitted with contradictions. Female students, who make up a huge share of university undergraduates, are subject to laws that penalise women for not wearing a headscarf in public. Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited, yet an active nightlife has developed behind closed doors across the Iranian capital. French director Marie-Ève Signeyrole and French-Iranian composer Keyvan Chemirani have immersed themselves in this world of ambiguities to produce NEGAR, a work of musical theatre exploring clandestine love as an act of protest against a regime and its moral code. In his score Keyvan Chemirani fuses different cultures and styles, with musicians playing traditional Persian instruments in the company of members of the Deutsche Oper Berlin orchestra. Singers from the ensemble perform alongside guests of the likes of Golnar Shahyar, an artist who grew up in Teheran and combines the music of her Persian homeland with jazz and improvised song.

Keyvan Chemirani appears at international venues both as a tombak percussionist, usually as part of his Chemirani trio, but also alongside big jazz names like Sylvain Luc, Didier Lockwood and Louis Sclavis, in world-music line-ups and with Old Music companies. Chemirani has a lengthy back catalogue that includes “Le Rythme de la Parole” (2004), “Battements au Coeur de L’Orient” recorded with Pandit Anindo Chatterjee (2007) and “Avaz” (2014). Film maker Marie-Ève Signeyrole is a leading light in a new generation of international directors of opera. In 2020 she presented BABY DOLL at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

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