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Social media and politics. Snippets, sounds, ideas, found objects. Sara Glojnaric’s compositions are a journey through the world of pop

New Scenes – Burnings at the Stake
An Opera-Triptychon by von Sara Glojnarić, Sergey Kim und Lorenzo Troiani
Conductor: Manuel Nawri
Directors: Students of Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin
World premieres on 6 November 2021

»When I’m writing music, I’m translating ideas into music. The ideas come to me when I’m mobile, when I’m out walking or on the phone or eating chocolate. It might be things related to society or politics or things I’ve seen or heard in the media. I use absolutely anything around me that is making me what I am as a Croatian living in Germany. And it’s not about me; it’s all about the processes that this engagement with things triggers. My chamber opera uses sounds, noises and snippets of videos to send audiences on a trip through the history of pop culture while at the same time rejecting all trace of nostalgia.

It's really no surprise that I became a composer. Music is a thread running through our family. My grandpa’s a jazz percussionist; in the ‘60s his ›Zagreb Jazz Quartet‹ was the Yugoslavia’s No. 1 cultural export. I’m ecstatic that he’ll soon be in Berlin watching a chamber opera composed by me.«


As one of three award winners in the NEW SCENES composition competition, Sara Glojnarić is currently writing a new piece of musical theatre for the Deutsche Oper Berlin, which is due to receive its premiere in the Tischlerei in April 2021.


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