Dr. Takt über Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts: „Don Giovanni“, Ouvertüre, Takt 23-26 - Deutsche Oper Berlin

Experience the 25th episode of our video series with Dr Takt here.

Dr Takt on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's: „Don Giovanni“, Overture, bars 23-26

Dr Takt knows the special parts of many a score - and explains their fascination to us

Mozart’s genius often lies in the details, in the rich and heavily nuanced configuration of the scores. One example is beats 23 to 26 of the GIOVANNI Overture, where Mozart introduces a slight variation of the music that plays at the opera’s close when the ghost of Commander Giovanni accepts responsibility for his actions: It begins with a forceful D minor chord, followed by urgent syncopations and a pounding, punctuating base rhythm. This section then opens up into a closing cadence, with wind instruments and bass tones in chromatically ascending chords. Flutes and first violins play against the sound in waves of ascending and descending scales. These scales change beats according to the base chord, giving this section a threatening and imposing tone and burning into our memory as an “impending danger”.

Dr Takt's notes on Mozart's "Don Giovanni


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