For our 2022/23 season

We make opera!

When the voices, ideas and thoughts of children and young people flood the corridors, the rehearsal rooms and the stage, opera is rethought.

Our doors are wide open to children, young people and families from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. We invite you to experience the emotional power of music theatre and opera with us. We invite you into an opera house that is your house and encourage you to rethink and reshape opera with us - so that it is relevant to your life plans.

The opera mice [from 6 years] can give free rein to their curiosity and discover opera for themselves. During rehearsal visits and guided tours, children, young people and families experience the work behind the scenes first-hand. Encounters with artists and staff from the various trades offer an exciting insight into the microcosm that is opera.

In the afternoons throughout the season, the children's club [9-12 years] and the youth club [13-18 years] explore how individual and collective ideas can be transformed into a concrete production under the guidance of artists and teachers. The young participants get to know all the phases of a music theatre production in a practical way - from the first conceptual discussion to the final round of applause in the Tischlerei. With their creativity and enthusiasm, these two groups provide a unique part of the Tischlerei's repertoire.

During the holidays, in our participatory projects, we take over the stage or other venues in the city. We improvise, exchange ideas, play and learn from each other. At the end of such a process is the performance of a concert or a piece of music theatre in the Tischlerei.

In our education work, we offer regular visits to schools, shelters, daycare centres, community centres and youth and family centres and thus stay in close contact with the city. Building intergenerational communities is very close to our hearts: let's be creative together and express feelings and ideas in music and song!

Performance visits are not to be missed: extraordinary opera and musical theatre productions, school, youth, family or toddler concerts especially for young audiences are performed on the main stage and in the Tischlerei during the season.

We are inspired by the diversity of voices and ideas brought by individuals and communities in the city. By building long-term relationships and partnerships, we aim to contribute to cultural education in the city and encourage people of all ages to express themselves artistically.

Eure Evi Nakou, Director Junge Deutsche Oper


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