Im Gedenken an John Kornblum - Deutsche Oper Berlin

In memory of John Kornblum

John Kornblum was regarded as a tireless and one of the most experienced transatlanticists. John Kornblum experienced the history of German-American relations after the end of the Second World War at close quarters like probably no other and rendered outstanding services to relations between the two countries. In addition to politics and business, he was also committed to culture. John Kornblum also cultivated a long relationship with the Deutsche Oper Berlin. As a young diplomat, he was a regular visitor to performances at the opera house on Bismarckstrasse as early as 1970. As an American envoy and later ambassador, he was a constant supporter of the opera. Since the beginning of 2009, Kornblum has also been a member of the board of the Friends of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and an important advisor and strategist who has always wanted to promote the visibility of the Deutsche Oper Berlin as an international cultural beacon. In early summer 2019, John Kornblum retired from the board and returned to his home in Nashville, Tennessee, where he passed away on 21 December 2023 surrounded by his family. The Förderkreis will honour his memory.


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