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The new production of the RING OF THE NIBELUNG would not have been possible without the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and one very special circle of supporters

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Great ideas need great supporters. And great stories contain eternity at their core – the end of the final chapter heralds a brand-new saga. So it was only natural that the first meeting of the friends and supporters of the new RING production should take place in the wings of the last performance of Götz Friedrich’s version of the RING. The idea to create a dedicated patronage framework to subsidise the development of the new RING was hatched at a fundraising dinner held in Friedrich’s legendary tunnel-shaped set. Having started off with five members, the »Circle 2020« now numbers over fifty Wagner fans from around the world, all of whom have pledged to inject 2,020 euros three times a year. And these Friends of the RING are not only providing financial backing; they also have a personal connection to the project, attending meetings, for instance, between director Stefan Herheim, dramatic advisor Alexander Meier-Dörzenbach and general music director Donald Runnicles and making the acquaintance of Nina Stemme, slated to play Brünnhilde. And a special party is planned for 12th June, when all the gracious spirits of the »Circle« will meet up for the first time on the occasion of the premiere of THE RHINEGOLD – patrons hailing from such disparate locations as Berlin, Santa Fe, New York and San Francisco.

What a fantastic band of friends! As this season preview went to press the Circle had raised over 800,000 euros in aid of the new cycle. Would you, too, like to sign up to the »Circle 2020«? Would you like to help write the next chapter in this story with your donation? And team up with other opera enthusiasts to watch the gestation of a masterpiece from a privileged vantagepoint? Then get in touch with us. Call us on (030 / 343 84 -240) or email us at: loesch@deutscheoperberlin.de


André Schmitz ...
Schmitz Chairman of the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Deutsche Oper Berlin
»In 1912 the burghers of Charlottenburg clubbed together to build the Deutsche Oper Berlin, thereby establishing an institution that would cultivate and nurture contemporary opera and honour the legacy of Richard Wagner. On 1st January 1914 the opera house hosted the Berlin premiere of Richard Wagner’s PARCIFAL. It’s terrific to see that opera fans are still getting together on their own initiative and being instrumental in the perpetuation of top-class musical theatre.«


Silke Alsweiler-Lösch ...
Secretary of the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Deutsche Oper Berlin
»A brand-new production of such a huge work is an enormously exciting venture. How do director and dramaturg tackle the material? The idea behind the Circle 2020 was always to let people see from close quarters how a new production is put together. For fundraising to succeed, there has to be passion. And passion is what has knitted the »Circlers« together and – quite apart from the pecuniary benefit – united people from around the globe in a quite marvellous way.«


Stefan Bartho ...
member of the RING Circle 2020
»I’ve had a close association with the Deutsche Oper Berlin since 1982. The Circle 2020 provided me with an opportunity to make a modest contribution to a very special project and maybe along the way do my bit in helping the RING to attract a new generation of opera fans over the next 30 years. It really is a remarkable thing to be part of a group of like-minded people catching a glimpse of the complex work that goes into a massive production like this.«




Walter Sandvoss ...
member of the RING Circle 2020
»I was over the moon when I heard the Deutsche Oper Berlin was commissioning a new version of the RING. My involvement entitles me to take an active part in events organised exclusively for Circle members. I especially like the evenings with Stefan Herheim, Alexander Meier-Dörzenbach, when they give us insights into their deliberations. Plus there are the conversations you have with other opera fans, which I get a lot out of.«


Tom and Yoko Arthur ...
members of the RING Circle 2020, Santa Fe, USA
»In 1989 we were in the sold-out auditorium of the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington/DC for the so-called »U-Bahn RING« by Götz Friedrich – the first-ever performance of the RING cycle from start to finish in our national capital. We were blown away. Ever since then we’ve been great admirers of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, its orchestra, the chorus and obviously of maestro Runnicles, whose RING we caught in San Francisco. We were instantly up for it when we heard there was a way for us to assist in the creation of the new RING cycle. We talked 22 members of the Wagner Society of Santa Fe into attending a performance of the RING in Berlin in 2021! This summer TRISTAN UND ISOLDE is coming to our hometown of Santa Fe – the first opera by Wagner to be presented there in thirty years. It’ll be an amazing experience, watching the work in our open-air theatre in the mountains above the desert. You should try and be there!«


Our warmest thanks go to the members of the RING Circle 2020 ...

Sabine Prinzessin von Anhalt / Leo Balk / Dr. Siegfried Bartho / Stefan Bartho / Karl Blatz / Desirée Buschsieweke / Erhard Czemper / Renate Diederich / Dr. Katharina Ehler / Marianne Esser / F. R. Hauk Stahl und Leichtmetallbau GmbH (Franz R. Hauk) / Horst Ihloff / Barbara Ihnow / Atsuko Imamura / Dr. Kilian Jay von Seldeneck / Dr. Heike Maria von Joest / Dr. Marion Knauf / Dr. Karlheinz Knauthe / Rolf Kromat / Dr. Constanze Landt / Dr. Christoph Lehmann / Dr. Markus Leyck Dieken / Dr. Marlies Machens / Dr. Bernd von Maltzan / Verbena Meyer / Ingeborg Neumann / Dr. Alejandra Perez-Cantó / Klaus Prozesky / Walter Sandvoss / André Schmitz / Dr. Rainer W. Schoene / Dr. Cornelius Schwarz / Julia Stoschek / Manfred Strohscheer / Dr. Peter Stueber / Markus Thiem / The Wagner Society of Santa Fé / Richard-Wagner-Verband Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. / Sybille Zehle


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