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Intermezzo – Die Handlung - Deutsche Oper Berlin

Intermezzo - The synopsis

presented by director Tobias Kratzer

Act I

1st Scene (a) – Before the Husband’s Departure 
The composer and conductor Robert Storch is about to leave for a concert tour. His wife Christine stays behind at home.

1st Scene (b) – In the Dressing Room 
While having her hair done, Christine complains to her maid Anna about being “the wife of a famous man”. 

2nd Scene – At the Toboggan Run 
An open-air accident leads to a consequential encounter: Christine meets young Baron Lummer.

3rd Scene – A Ball at Grundelseewirt 
Christine and Baron Lummer spend several carefree hours together.

4th Scene – Furnished Room at the Notary’s House 
Christine treats Baron Lummer as her protégé, finding a reasonably priced student room for him.

5th Scene – At the Apartment of Frau Storch 
Baron Lummer visits Christine at home. The meeting resembles a series of misunderstandings. Christine craves intimacy; Lummer is after financial support. 

6th Scene – The Baron’s Room at the Notary’s House 
Lummer ponders his relationship with Christine and is visited by his friend Resi. He sends Christine a request for money.

7th Scene – A Snowstorm 
Christine is indignant at Lummer’s requests for money. However, when she opens a letter addressed to her husband, other worries occupy her mind. Robert seems to be having an affair with the sender, “Mieze Maier”. Christine is outraged and decides to leave her husband.

8th Scene – The Child’s Bedroom, illuminated by only a candle 
Christine wants to depart with her son, Franzl. The child, however, is on “Papa’s” side. 


Act II

1st Scene – The Skat Round 
During a round of skat with colleagues, Robert Storch receives a message from Christine. He does not understand why she wants to leave him. He knows no one by the name of “Mieze Maier“.

2nd Scene – The Notary’s Office 
Christine wants to file for divorce with a notary. He, however, rejects the commission: “I revere your husband far too much.”

3rd Scene – At the Prater. A Thunderstorm 
A chance encounter with his colleague Stroh sheds light on the cause of the misunderstanding. Stroh confesses that Mieze Maier is his lover, and her letter was only delivered to his colleague Storch because their similarity in name.

4th Scene – The Wife’s Dressing Room, in utter chaos 
While Christine is packing her suitcases to leave, a message arrives, clearing up the misunderstanding. Despite the good news, Christine remains sceptical. 

5th and 6th Scene – The Dining Room, festively decorated 
Robert Storch returns home. Instead of reconciliation, a new argument ensues. Another visit from Baron Lummer offers no way out either. Chrstine and her husband always remain connected: “… this is what one truly calls a happy marriage.”

Translation: Alexa Nieschlag

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