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Schedule - Deutsche Oper Berlin

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extended version: The Flying Dutchman

An Ambush from Behind Festival to THE FLYING DUTCHMAN

Information on the piece

World premieres by Babelfis, Steve Mekoudja, Magdalena Mitterhofer, Shade Théret, Olga Hohmann and Jan Koslowski as well as performances and concerts by Xzavier Stone, Larissa Sirah Herden, Vicky Krieps, Samuel Schneider, Stéphane Peeps Moun, Thomias Ludovic Radin, Anna Schoeck and Michael Bakhtadze on 11 November 2023 in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Tickets can be purchased separately for each of the three parts of extended version: THE FLYING DUTCHMAN. For a truly extended enjoyment of the arts, however, we recommend the festival ticket for the entire event with a reduced price compared to the single ticket.

10 hours / intermissions

Part 1: from 0 years / Part 2: from 12 years / Part 3: from 18 years
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About the performance

extended version: THE FLYING DUTCHMAN - Part 1

from 0 years

Invitation to "Captain's Tea"
Sailor stories and sea tales read by Vicky Krieps and Samuel Schneider

If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick every day
Songs and Stories with Larissa Sirah Herden

extended version: THE FLYING DUTCHMAN - Part 2

from 12 years

Performance by Magdalena Mitterhofer and Shade Théret

Meryem's Ballad: The Odyssey of a "Guest Worker"
A storytelling performance by Babelfis & visuals by Mert Akbal

Concert performance by Steve Mekoudja and band

extended version: THE FLYING DUTCHMAN - part 3

from 18 years

Swan Song
Performance lecture with singing by Olga Hohmann

I FLY ON YOU (world premiere)
A Singspiel by Jan Koslowski

Oversea Riddim
Dance, words and song with Stéphane Peeps Moun and Thomias Ludovic Radin

Concert by Xzaxier Stone

DER FLIEGENDE HOLLÄNDER is Richard Wagner's shortest opera and accordingly there is much that does not appear in the play: stories, songs, music, dances, texts. Author and director Jan Koslowski has made it his task to bring all this to the stage. In continuation of the successful series AUS DEM HINTERHALT, he has invited numerous artists from genres beyond the world of opera to join singers and musicians from the ensembles of the Deutsche Oper in taking a close look at Wagner's most popular opera, to work on material from it, to question it critically, to draw inspiration from it and to rewrite it from today's perspective - in order to bring to the stage everything that is not experienced in the original.

The result is an "extended version" of ten hours duration, divided into three parts:

At 4.00 pm, the whole family is invited to "Captain's Tea" with cakes, biscuits and hot drinks. There will be sailor stories, songs and a reading of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid" with Vicky Krieps and Samuel Schneider in the warm Tischlerei.

From 5 p.m., the motto is "If you don't become the ocean, you'll be seasick every day". In an afternoon late-night special, Larissa Sirah Herden tells and sings about great longing, eternal love, homesickness and wanderlust, storms and lulls and the windward and leeward side of life.

From 6 pm, the two performance artists Magdalena Mitterhofer and Shade Théret will perform, followed by two concerts by this year's Tischlerei scholarship holders of the Musicboard Berlin. With their storytelling performance "Meryem's Ballad", the German-Turkish band Babelfis, together with soprano Anna Schoeck, juxtapose one of the best-known pieces from Wagner's opera, the Senta Ballad, with a completely different female fate and thus an alternative concept of femininity. Afterwards, the programme "Freedom" by the Cameroonian-born Berlin musician Steve Mekoudja can be experienced - with a ten-piece band, dancers and a background choir.

At the centre of the late programme from 10.15 pm is the world premiere of Jan Koslowski's new piece I FLY ON YOU, a Singspiel based on Wagner's original libretto. It will be sung by baritone Michael Bachtadze from the ensemble of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, with performances by Olga Hohmann, Samuel Schneider, Malick Bauer, Victor Nicholaus, Farman Hussein, Bastian Belrose and live tattoo artist Alec Ross. Before that, Olga Hohmann's lecture performance SCHWANENGESANG can be experienced, and after the witching hour Stéphane Peeps Moun and Thomias Radin will take to the stage with their programme OVERSEA RIDDIM, before the Swiss Xzavier Stone closes the evening.

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