When Keith Jarrett's improvisation becomes dance

Humorous, detailed, dramatic: The Stuttgart Ballet presents its new ballet evening PURE BLISS with choreographies by Johan Inger

“Bliss” is based on Keith Jarrett’s legendary Köln Concert. I got to know it when I was about twenty, and have listened to it an infinite number of times since – an important part of my life. At the time, Jarrett walked on stage and improvised the entire concert. So the music was created at that moment, yet it is so monumental, so huge and drastic. The dance has to reflect that, then it can become a really good ballet.

“Out of Breath” was created under the impression of the difficult birth of my first child. That was a dramatic situation; I sat at the hospital all night worrying. In the meantime, I no longer associate the piece with that; it just shows me how close life and death are.

“Aurora’s Nap” is very different: it’s a new version of Petipa’s “Sleeping Beauty” – but one who sleeps and sleeps and only wakes up in modern times. This way, my fairy-tale can straddle both worlds, combining a classical dance idiom with modern vocabulary.

The guest performance of the Stuttgart Ballet is presented by the Deutsche Oper Berlin in cooperation with the Staatsballett Berlin.


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