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Theatre is a place of exchange and encounter. The exchange with you as our most important partners is a central component of our work: What does school need, what does theatre need? Which forms of mediation do you need in your lessons, which plays are suitable for your pupils? And how can music and theatre be integrated into everyday school life as aesthetic and pedagogical design principles?


Kontakt: stang@deutscheoperberlin.de / +49 [30]-343 84 534

“Go your own way and learn how to hear!”

... Such is the advice of the Flower Queen to Gerda as she sets off in search of her friend, Kai. The Snow Queen has abducted Kai after an icy shard of glass embedded itself in his heart, warping his personality. He has become mean and callous and has gone away – yet Gerda is not about to give up on him.


THE SNOW QUEEN is our new opera for children aged 8 and over. Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, the opera is complex and presents a heroine whose loyalty, faith in her friend and confidence in herself are all being tested to the limit, along with her ability to learn, to scrutinise things carefully and to listen attentively. THE SNOW QUEEN is an amalgam of fairy tale, adventure story, road trip and depiction of character development.

Bring your 3rd – 6th year pupils to see THE SNOW QUEEN in the Tischlerei. The music is by Samuel Penderbayne and the work is staged by Brigitte Dethier, one of the most experienced directors of children’s theatre in Germany.

World premiere on 22 November 2019

33 performances between 22 Nov. and 29 Dec. 2019

Featuring Sophia Körber / Larissa Wäspy, Marlene Gaßner / Alexandra Ionis, Martin Gerke / Jonas Böhm, Hanna Plaß, Louise Leverd, Jone Bolivar Núñez, Jack Adler-McKean, Henriette Zahn, Daniel Eichholz

Duration: 1:15 / no interval

Hope to see you there!

New: The Reindeer Ticket


Bo, the reindeer, wants everyone to come along! And when Bo gets it into his head to do something, he doesn’t give up in a hurry. Which is why we’ve come up with the Reindeer Ticket specially for THE SNOW QUEEN.


Contact us with “Rentier” in the subject field if you have children in your class whose parents cannot afford their child’s trip to the opera. We will allocate free Reindeer tickets to these children (max. 10% of pupils) when you book a trip to a performance for your class.

Book your Rentier-Tickets


Kids have a go – To prepare them for their visit to the theatre, we invite school classes to a free 90-minute workshop before the performance. 8:30-10:00 on the day of the performance. Further workshops or post-performance talks by appointment at the opera house or on school premises.

Further training

For all teachers wanting to incorporate music and drama into their curriculum. In our further training sessions we will test out methods for teaching musical theatre as evinced by Deutsche Oper productions. We also offer closed workshops to colleges, seminar groups and nursery-school teams.


Info and Registration: stang@deutscheoperberlin.de

Pedagogical methodologies based on musical-theatre techniques for teachers of all subjects – using the production of THE SNOW QUEEN as a reference.

7 or 8 November, 16:00 to 20:00

Cost: €8 for participants with ticket to THE SNOW QUEEN

Cost: €16 for participants without ticket to THE SNOW QUEEN

College opera evening

Savour opera together

We will host a trip to the Deutsche Oper Berlin for all your teaching staff. Take advantage of this offer to visit the opera house or to familiarise yourself with the production prior to attending a performance.