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YDO - Team, contact and tickets - Deutsche Oper Berlin

Fanny Frohnmeyer - Team leader

... studied Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen and graduated in 2012 with a focus on sound art and sound design. Since then, she has worked as an artistic production manager for Heiner Goebbels and She She Pop, among others, with whom she also toured internationally, as well as for various festivals and at HAU Hebbel am Ufer. After further training as a cultural specialist, she shifted her work focus to cultural education in 2018, with a particular focus on music theatre. She worked as a production and project manager for TUKI - Theater & Kita and TUSCH - Theater & Schule until she took over as director of Junge Deutsche Oper in August 2022.

T + 49 30 343 84-534


Charlie Rackwitz
T +49 [30]-343 84 474 [Mon, Wed 9.00h – 13.00h]

Madeleine Kandschur – FSJ Culture

Freelance employees
Sylvia Neugebauer, Susanne Lawrenz, Senta Aue, Henriette Mödig, Andrej Bartmann, Dorothea Böhland, Ghizi Gascho, Madeleine Kandschur, Elly Jarvis, Kay Keßner, Jörg Rickert, Tino Breitbarth, Tillmann Triest, Kathrin Hertle, Nina Rotner

Visitor address
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Bismarckstraße 35
10627 Berlin
T + 49 30 343 84-343

U2 / U7 / Bus 101 and 109

Postal address
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Richard-Wagner-Straße 10
10585 Berlin

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Box Office at Bismarckstraße 35
Monday – Saturday: 12.00h until the beginning of the performance. Closed on Sundays [no public holidays]. Evening box office - resuming one hour before start of performance.

Monday – Saturday 9.00h to 20.00h
Sundays and Holidays 11.00h to 20.00h
T + 49 30 343 84-343



Booking tickets for performances

Tickets for school groups
€ 8,- / pupil, € 8,- accompanying person with the breakdown 1/10; other accompanying persons receive 25 % on the regular ticket price

Tickets for groups with students / trainees / FSJ students etc. 
€ 15,- per person, from a group size of 10 persons onwards

Group booking form


Performances over the Berlin/Brandenburg school holidays
Pupils (under 18) € 8,– at the Box Office (starting one hour prior to the beginning of the performance)

Generational performances
In order to give even more people the opportunity to enjoy opera at a uniform price, we are replacing the family performances starting this season. Selected performances offer tickets for children/young people under 18 years for € 10,00, for pensioners for € 25,00


General reductions

50 % reduction
for children and schoolchildren up to 21 years of age, voluntary military service and federal voluntary service and voluntary social year participants

25 % reduction
for students, trainees and the unemployed At the box office (from one hour before the performance) the following applies subject to available tickets

At the box office
From one hour before the performance
€ 15 for children and schoolchildren [up to 21 years of age], students and trainees, voluntary military service and voluntary social service, unemployed persons 

€ 3,- holders of an entitlement certificate ("berlinpass") - This reduction is also available on the day of the performance (from 10 hours before the performance), exclusively in the webshop.

Please show your proof of eligibility at the entrance.


For everyone under 30: The ClassicCard! 

With the ClassicCard, all people under the age of 30 receive significantly discounted tickets. The ClassicCard costs an annual fee equal to your age - in return, it gives you access to the best seats at low prices. Up to 2 hours before the performance: € 15.00 for opera and ballet, € 13.00 for concerts. Simply download the ClassicCardApp to get a compact overview of Berlin's entire classical music programme and book tickets for friends and family at the same time.

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Do you know the Offensive Kulturbus

We are pleased to be part of the Offensive Kulturbus since the 22/23 season!

Within the framework of the Offensive Kulturbus, it is possible to organise a free return journey from the nursery or school to the respective cultural venue for individual performances. Please contact us for further information and/or to arrange an appointment at

Offensive Kulturbus

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors for their cooperation and generous support:

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Junge Deutsche Oper is supported by the Karl Schlecht Foundation.

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