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When Götz Friedrich, together with the orchestra board of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, had the idea of founding an academy for the training of young orchestral talent in 1983, such support by an opera orchestra was an innovation.

Since then, graduates of music academies who have enjoyed outstanding soloistic training have been given the opportunity to become acquainted with an extraordinarily large opera repertoire: At the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the most important works by Wagner, Puccini, Strauss and Verdi are on the programme every season, as well as a broad repertoire from Mozart to late Romanticism and modernism.

The academy students are coached by experienced orchestra members in individual lessons and orchestral studies. They are allowed to participate in rehearsals, concerts and opera performances after they have studied the works with their mentors.

The cultivation of chamber music is also of great importance. For this reason, one concert in the orchestra's chamber music series is performed by the academy members every season.

A very important part of the support is the preparation for auditions for a permanent position in an orchestra. For this purpose, the Orchestra Academy offers mental training in the form of workshops, repetition and simulated auditions.

Not only the young academy students benefit from this training, but also the DOB orchestra itself: In order to train successors for vacant positions, academy places are specifically allocated in the corresponding instrument groups. Since its foundation, 18 members of the academy have been able to earn a permanent position in the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

In the 2023/2024 season the Deutsche Oper Berlin welcomed the following trainees to the Orchestra Academy:

Sonja Lu, Oskar Kaiser, Theresa Giehl, Sohee Yang, Yukino Takehara, Kyrill Tkachenko (violin), Arnold Stieve, Antonia Ohnimus (viola), Emilija Mladenovic, Xiaotang Xu (cello), Cem Güney Yildirim, Gustavo Rocha (double bass), Malte Jansen (clarinet), Salvador Belda (horn), Sayaka Matsukubo (trumpet), Jonas Neumann (percussion), Noelia Cotuna (harp).

For an application for the Orchestra Academy

The duration of the training is 2 years. The training programme includes: preparatory instrumental lessons with mentors from the orchestra, participation in 10 services per month (rehearsals and performances / opera, ballet and concert), audition training, repetition lessons, mental training. Training salary: € 1,000.00 per month (including scholarship from the Förderkreis der Deutschen Oper Berlin e. V.).

You can find all vacancies at  www.muvac.com.


Director of the Orchestra Academy

Kaja Beringer




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