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Schedule - Deutsche Oper Berlin

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In the Stadtbad Charlottenburg - Old Hall


A performance from behind the scenes with opera, artistry, visuals and techno

Information on the piece

Stadtbad Charlottenburg – Old Hall (Alte Halle)
Krumme Straße 10
10585 Berlin

Admission begins 30 minutes before the performance. The changing rooms and lockers are available to you during the admission period.

approx. 75 minutes / no interval

recommended from 16 years
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Program / Informations
About the performance

Opera goes swimming pool! As the small venue of the Deutsche Oper Berlin is closed at the beginning of the season due to renovation work, the team of the first Tischlerei premiere of the season set out in search of an alternative space. They found what they were looking for in the immediate neighbourhood - the Stadtbad Charlottenburg, just a few steps away.

IMMERSION invites you to literally immerse yourself in a collective ritual experience, as the majority of the audience is in the water with the artists. As a continuation of the successful "Hinterhalt" series, the evening reflects on the themes of the first three new productions on the Deutsche Oper's main stage from a feminist perspective: during the evening, the witches and ghostly creatures from LA FIAMMA, MACBETH and DIE FRAU OHNE SCHATTEN will be conjured up. In the magical atmosphere of the historic swimming pool hall, a hybrid evening is created with the transdisciplinary inclusion of opera singing, contemporary artistry, real-time visuals and techno. IMMERSION is a celebration and a mystical ritual that encourages people to think together about visions of a possible future world.

Following on from IMMERSION at Stadtbad Charlottenburg, this season's "Hinterhalt" series will come to an end in July 2025 under the title EMERSION back at the Tischlerei.

Information about the event
There are two seating categories for the event at Stadtbad Charlottenburg: Spectators can experience the show in the water (swimming tickets) or sit on chairs at the edge of the pool (seating tickets). The water height in the audience area of the pool is 0.65-1.35 metres. Only swimwear is permitted in the hall and pool; street or everyday clothing is not permitted. Please bring swimwear and towels etc. for participation in the water. For reasons of respect, we ask that you also bring clothing suitable for swimming in the pool and do not sit there in everyday clothing. Further information can be found in the ticket information.

The tickets for the event also serve as admission to the pool. Clothing and valuables can be stored in the lockers provided during the event. We ask for your understanding that photography and filming is not permitted inside the pool, nor is bringing food and drink into the pool.

Children under the age of 8 may only enter if accompanied by a suitable adult. The accompanying person must be at least 16 years old. Proof of age must be provided on request. Persons under the age of 18 may not accompany more than one child. The event is not barrier-free.

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