The forward-looking approach of our »Förderkreis« consists partly in the fostering of up-and-coming singers. In any given season grants are awarded to at least five stipendiaries, whose proven ability then goes to amplify the combined talents of the ensemble of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. In recent years the Society has also entered into private sponsorship arrangements, with patronages being funded by Walter Sandvoss, the Manfred Strohscheer Foundation, Bettina Volle [in memoriam] and a group of enthusiasts running a »bel canto grant«. Bel canto patrons are: Bert Günzburger and Lothar Matthiak, Renate and Claus Jürgen Diederich, Horst Ihloff, Florian Chiutu-Haeger and Rolf Haeger, Dr. Dr. Peter Kaulen and Eliseo Diroma. A huge THANK YOU goes to these people.

The roll call of singers nurtured over the decades is a testimony to the success of the Society, which promoted the early careers of singers such as Martin Gantner, Laura Aikin, Arutjun Kotchinian, Robin Johannsen, Yosep Kang, Ante Jerkunica, Thomas Blondelle, Heidi Stober, Hulkar Sabirova, Hila Fahima, Clémentine Margaine, Tobias Kehrer, Alexandra Hutton, Siobhan Stagg, Attilio Glaser, Annika Schlicht, Judit Kutasi and Robert Watson, all of whom have gone on to carve international reputations.

Alone the performances of DON GIOVANNI in last seasons would be a pale shadow of themselves without the raft of former stipendiaries who populate the cast. The title role is taken – for the third time in succession – by one-time stipendiary Samuel Dale Johnson, with his trusty manservant sung by Seth Carico, another former beneficiary. Donna Anna is rendered by Flurina Stucki, Don Ottavio by Matthew Newlin and Donna Elvira by Jacquelyn Stucker. Recipients of Society grants often sing significant parts in their first season. These have included Hoffmann [Robert Watson], Alfredo Germont [Andrei Danilov] and Adele [Meechot Marrero]. But they are also essential adjuncts to the ensemble in their portrayal of ‘B-list’ characters and their interpretation of minor roles in works by composers ranging from Mozart, Wagner and Puccini to Britten, Shostakovich and Korngold.


Scholarship holders of our Förderkreis 2022/2023

Arianna Manganello / Mezzosoprano / 
Dr. Sell-Stipendium

Elisa Verzier / Soprano /
Stipendiatin der Manfred-Strohscheer-Stiftung

Artur Garbas / Baritone /

Kieran Carrel / Tenor /

Maria Motolygina / Soprano / 

Sua Jo / Soprano / 

Albert Mena / Pianist and  Répétiteur /
Stipendium der Familie Landt


Scholarship holders of Opera Foundation 2022/2023

Maire Therese Carmack / Mezzosoprano

Kyle Miller / Baritone

Thomas Cilluffo / Tenor


Other scholarship holders 2022/2023

Hyeyoung Moon / Sopran / WCN Stipendium Südkorea

David Nicholson / Bariton / Opera Foundation Australia

This year we want to add another string to the support we provide to the younger generation of singers at the Deutsche Oper Berlin. To date, the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Deutsche Oper Berlin has been instrumental in enabling young singers to get a foot on the first rung of their chosen career ladder. In so doing has also fostered the development of the Deutsche Oper Berlin’s own first-class ensemble.

In light of the straitened circumstances experienced – at least in the short term – by everyone concerned, the Society now plans to enlarge on its successful work by launching the Talent Circle project to ensure that the quality and quantity of support for the new generation of professionals is unaffected. The Talent Circle has been conceived by the Society as an additional body providing not only financial assistance but a pool of personal sponsors.

If you would like to donate to the Talent Circle, you will meet up-and-coming artists and have the chance to savour their singing skills at small, exclusive gatherings and chat with them about their careers and dreams.


How can you help us to foster young talent?

A donation of €3,100 or more will go towards the cost of a grant for one individual. €15,500 will make you the exclusive sponsor of a stipendiary for a whole year.

If you would like to know more, please contact
Silke Alsweiler-Lösch
Telephone +49 (030) 34 384 240

The scholarship of the Patrons of the Deutsche Oper Berlin e. V. enables up to 5 young singers of all nations (not older than 30) to get to know the work processes at an ensemble of an opera house. The scholarship holders can work with coaches at the Deutsche Oper and can perform on stage in mostly smaller parts, according to the needs.


The stipend usually begins on 1 September of the respective calendar year, and ends on 30 June of the following year. The monthly stipend currently amounts to € 1,550.00 and is paid in this amount with no deductions. Because the stipend does not fulfil the requirements for tax exemption as per § 3 no. 44 EstG (Income Tax Act) according to the current legal concept of the fiscal authorities, we explicitly state that the beneficiary is obligated to file this income and state it in their personal income tax statement. The Deutsche Oper Berlin will pay an additional € 1,000.00 gross per month for appearances in opera performances.


To complete an application please send your materials via mail to barrios[at] 


We don´t have any kind of deadline for applications. Please see the above mentioned notes for each season.


Considering the large number of applications, it may take several weeks before you receive an answer. We ask for your understanding!

Needed documents are

an updated CV as pdf file

Your repertoire list

a headshot

an audio file or youtube link with one aria (opera):
if possible out of the Deutsche Oper Berlin repertoire

Please note, we cannot receive any kind of document that you send over a dropbox. Any document that you do not sent in a pdf format is in danger to not be able to get through our firewall.


Seasons 2021/22 and 2022/23

The scholarships for this and next season have already been awarded, so we are not accepting any further applications at the moment. 


Season 2023/24

We will probably start accepting applications for the scholarships for the 2023/24 season in August 2022. We ask for your understanding.


For any further information please contact

Viviana Barrios, Tel. +49 (0)30-343 84-204


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